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Regular registration: $10 Students and members of the First Congregational UCC: $5
Initially, Our Lady of Good Counsel and First Congregational hosted the homeless families in their churches for one week twice a year.
at the Congregational Church ($7 donation, with children 6 and younger free).
Peggy Bendroth, Executive Director of the Congregational Library, said: "We are pleased to be working with Unlimited Priorities.
Many of the visitors of the Isfahan Ancient Congregational Mosque are non-Muslims, believing in different religions and citizens of various countries, but after arriving in this building the feel safe and secure, and gain a spiritual feeling of unity (with the Creator)," Ahmadinejad added.
As well as a magnet for art-lovers, The Congregational is also a cafe offering bread, cakes and scones made with local ingredients and artisan coffee.
Warriors Journey Home is a program started at the First Congregational Church of Tallmadge in an effort to provide the means of spiritual healing for veterans, their families and the community through education, support, forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, reunification, and initiation.
Top 10 Ways to Defuse Your Congregational Time Bomb" is a guide for church leaders to become community mediators who help their congregation solve conflicts in the most peaceful and faith inspiring ways possible.
Many blessings to everyone involved with the Moses Cone Congregational Nurse Program in the coming years
The Evangelical Congregational Church traces its roots to Jacob Albright, a German immigrant caught in the American wave of Methodist excitement who converted in 1792.
Judges for the award, developed by specialist church and home insurer Congregational & General Insurance, included top advertising industry copywriters, representatives of UK Christian organisations and senior Congregational figures.
How deeply can you trust your bishop to be there for you in times of stress or congregational conflict?

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