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While the engaged and congregationally unaffiliated are not synagogue members--they typically attend religious services only once or twice a year on average--4hey still show numerous signs of Jewish engagement.
Of note, nearly twice as many of the engaged and congregationally unaffiliated Jews compared to others see economic justice issues as important, identify themselves as pro-labor, and feel the current Federal tax system is unfair.
Again the moral tradition that the wages of sin are death--a critical understanding in the congregationally oriented communities of the seventeenth and early eighteenth century--could be confirmed while restricting actual executions to a small number deemed the most reprehensible.
Hence, congregationally oriented religions can (and generally do) limit their members' involvement in competing religions.
But not every religion is congregationally oriented.
Moreover, Christianity and Judaism were collective, congregationally oriented religions.
Collective religion is congregationally oriented and thus susceptible to free-rider problems.
This is part of the reality of having a congregationally based polity.
Favoring a more aesthetic approach, some Humanists--including a number of AHA members--have gathered congregationally and offered activities and celebrations similar to those generally associated with normative religions.
argued in 1915 for a Hebrew Christianity that would be both congregationally based and Hebraic in worship and liturgy.
We tend to be congregationally focused, and that is the heartbeat of our church, but there are other ministries that are important.
While this state of affairs is no longer typical of congregationally styled humanist groups, it is unfortunately still a feature of a number of others, some with a high profile in international humanist circles.

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