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Alliance Partners will be operated as a subsidiary of Congressional.
Five of the six errors resulted from 5 hearings--at which two GAO officials provided separate testimonies--being counted twice (in this case, as 10 hearings) in the Congressional Hearing System.
But when it comes to hunting and fishing, members of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus check their party affiliations at the door.
Just as important, as the top committee lawyer for the Democratic minority in the late 1990s, Apelbaum played a role in the impeachment defense of President Clinton, so he's seen firsthand how politically motivated congressional investigations can backfire.
Sadly, the glass reflects an empty suit who embodies the congressional Democrats' decision to reduce action on Iraq to a political calculus appropriate for the highway appropriations bill, not a moral imperative to challenge a policy that has sent thousands of twenty-somethings to their deaths in the desert.
Military service and defense agency managers maintain awareness of communications from the Pentagon and of recent congressional activities that will affect their individual organizations.
Congressional insiders expect this legislation to be the centerpiece for contracting reform initiatives in the 110th Congress.
When pundits and politicians give us their expert opinion about the battle between Republicans and Democrats in the November 7 congressional elections, they generally describe the opposing forces as occupying opposite sides of a giant political divide.
On the national front there are longtime gay and lesbian incumbent candidates, first-timers vying to join the gay congressional contingent, and a couple of races between straight candidates that you may want to know about:
a publisher of several newsletters in the criminal justice field, recently acquired Criminal Justice Funding Report from Congressional Digest Corp.
Religious Right activists and their congressional allies are huddling in Washington, D.

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