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Some would allocate electoral votes by Congressional district--a plan that sounds attractive on the surface but has serious problems.
The Congressman noted, "Under the Congressional Review Act, `rules' subject to Congressional review are broadly defined to include not only regulatory actions subject to statutory notice and comment but also other agency actions that contain statements of general applicability and future effect designed to implement, interpret, or prescribe law or policy.
As I noted in the last Washington Outlook, congressional funding proposals are severely constrained by budget caps.
For example, employees of Northrup Grumman and other B-2 contractors donated $233,212 to congressional candidates in the 1993-1994 election cycle.
Acting not from a position of strength but from self-imposed weakness, he was simply bending to the dictates of necessity and expediency by attempting to deflect the glancing body punches of early congressional histrionics and the growing tide of public angst (the "funk" thing).
Over OTA's 23-year history, staff analysts have issued some 750 reports in response to requests from congressional committees.
The latter reviews whether a Texas federal court acted unconstitutionally when it invalidated three minority congressional districts.
These representatives often present the council's views at congressional committee hearings when invited to do so.
The Association for a Better Long Island hailed the bi-partisan actions of the Long Island Congressional delegation to successfully fight the decision by the United States Commerce Department and the Office of Management and Budget to destroy Long Island's separate economic identity.
That's why once congressional staff study--for the Joint Tax Committee, of all groups--actually predicted a few years ago that government revenues would increase if America's "wealthy" were taxed at a rate of 100 percent.
The Byzantine Ways of a Congressional Investigation
Tingle completed his certificate in Congressional Operations from TheCapitol.

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