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MEMBER OF CONGRESS. A member of the senate or house of representatives of the United States.
     2. During the session of congress they are privileged from arrest, except for treason, felony, or breach of the peace; they receive a compensation of eight dollars per day while in session, besides mileage. (q.v.)
     3. They are authorized to frank letters and receive them free of postage for sixty days before, during, and for sixty days after the session.
     4. They are prohibited from entering into any contracts with the United States, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part for themselves and others, under the penalty of three thousand dollars. Act of April 21, 1808, 2 Story's L. U. S. 1091. Vide Congress; Frank.

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In it, Lousteau reminded Visclosky of a meeting the congressperson held with two Argentine legislators the previous April.
Continuous improvement of our business models, processes and client outcomes are making a difference -- but to that regulator, congressperson or professor wanting to stir the pot, I say, you cannot "fix" that which is not broken
If time is expressed in letters that even the Congresspersons aren't quite sure of, then America will be able to codify its strategic time without the enemy knowing what in the world the government is talking about.
One way the financial finaglers got away with their derivative schemes was I to keep it all so complicated that the normal citizen, and congressperson, remained baffled and silent.
school teacher, gambler, lawyer, Attorney General, cotton plantation owner, State Supreme Court Justice, military general, Congressperson, Senator, general store owner.
Access could be in the form of time presenting the PACs views on specific issues of interest to a congressperson or it could involve the member of congress spending time in legislative activities that promote the goals of the interest group.
Then again, maybe the governor is rich and the congressperson isn't.
Even if you are not involved with lobbyists, you still face some limitations in hosting a congressperson.
So, for example, depending on what district, city/town, or state you live in, you are a constituent of a City Mayor or Town Supervisor, several City Council members, several County Legislators, one State Senator, one State Assemblyperson, one Congressperson, two U.
This issue lays out the undeniable impact technology initiatives are having and will be on the desk of every congressperson as surely as we will also be in their ear at every opportunity.
I encourage all Society members to write or e-mail your Congressperson and explain just how important it is that the AMT be revised or repealed.