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79 employees in various functional areas to the key buyer firm Supplier's Please indicate the degree to which you agree Perceived to the following statements concerning your Cognitive company's relationship with your key buyer Congruence firm over past three years (1 = strongly disagree, 7 = strongly agree) We share similar 4.
The current investigation explores the intersection between religion and sexual congruence.
Congruence ultimately leads to competitive advantage.
Drawing on the earlier work of (Kristof-Brown, 1996) concerning the person-environment fit, the two sub-dimensions of the P-O fit, namely, value congruence and goal congruence, were used.
Further, the institutional alignments that are the heart of these models exhibit sensitive statistical relationships with the relative level of congruence between justice and appointing president.
Emerging online resume consulting firm Application Congruence is excited to announce its official launch.
The cut in petrol provision is not in congruence with the increasing crime rate in the city.
This is the idea that anything beyond the core business has some level of congruence or synergy to what is already done well.
In a speech before the closing session of the National Conference on the congruence among religious sects that Islam urges for peace and congruity and that there is no room for terrorism and extremism in Islamic societies.
Recall that a monoid congruence is an equivalence relation [equivalent to] which is left and right compatible with the product; in other words, for any monoid elements a, b, c, d, if a [equivalent to] b and c [equivalent to] d then ac [equivalent to] bd.
Several researchers investigated the concept of congruence between personality and situational variables and its affect on behavior.
MRIs of all patients determined to have tilt were assessed for the presence of congruence.