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Other topics include primitives of p-adic meromorphic functions, the Lipschitz condition for rational functions on ultrametric valued functions, the geometry of p-adic fractal strings, identities and congruencies for Genocchi numbers, and ultrametric calculus in field K.
Yet even when the various groupings' internal and relational organizing principles were not immediately apparent--a frequent occurrence--the slow emergence of thematic congruencies from the thicket of often incongruous visual information seen in the wall-based arrays made for a by turns wry and poignant game of free association.
All of which enables our firm to orchestrate consistent technical systems and other congruencies between the offices that will greatly benefit the law firm.
In "Some Greek Families: Production and Reproduction," Sarah Pomeroy surveys "the economic foundation of the family, the relationship between generations, congruencies and conflicts in family law and family history, demographic and onomastic issues, and matrilineal and patrilineal structures in a patriarchal society" (pp.