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If anything, congruency in this research is related to effectiveness more closely than creativity.
A high degree of congruency between personality and environment for the teachers in 12 major teaching fields shows that the personality characteristics match the demands of the environment.
Certain already of their rightness, we find further points of congruency that emerge as we further compare them taxonomically.
Thus, the spacetime congruency effect had the same size in Experiments 1 and 2.
The first instrument used was the Mentoring Expectations Congruency Scale (MECS) developed by Murphy and Freiheit (2013).
The congruency between living things and the living thing that contains them illuminates the nature of goodness on various levels within the Platonic cosmology.
The phase congruency is very sensitive to noise, so it is modeled using Rayleigh distribution, [[mu].
at points of high phase congruency (PC) we can extract highly informative features [9].
Similarly, when the individual processing speed was adjusted in the symbolic Stroop task, DD children showed a congruency effect such as that found for TD children, however, they needed more time for the appearance of physical differences to interfere with their numerical judgement.
Congruency is defined as the relative proximity in the hexagon between any pair of Holland three-letter codes (Gati, 1985).
Participants were also asked to rank order their individual perceived importance (Rank) of the stereotype congruency (Congruency), and each of the BSC dimensions after having made their evaluation and allocation decisions (e.
For someone to buy into you, and what you are selling, they must feel you have congruency.