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In short, evil on one level would be antithetical to the congruency of the whole altogether.
The foreground text information is preserved by adaptive thresholding using integral image and background noise is removed by using the binarized image of phase congruency map.
Our research points out that there is a relative level of congruency between the projected and perceived image of Vietnam as a tourism destination.
Congruency effects on beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are therefore likely only in the case of strong arguments and messages (Petty and Cacioppo 1986).
In order to test the efficacy of the leadership behavior congruency hypothesis in the MML with this new procedure, Riemer and Toon (2001) collected data from a sample of 148 tennis players who were competing in the NCAA Division I and II Championships.
The effect of dorsally angulated distal radius fractures on distal radioulnar joint congruency and forearm rotation.
This is because it is important for RR to see that there will be goal congruency between the two organizations, and that the philosophies and organizational cultures provide for a sound match.
It should be stated that Wasserman chose his examples with commendable scientific caution, separating them from circumstantial clauses by excluding equivocal sentences without congruency of tenses (p.
When you are aligned from the inside out and there's congruency, that's where a true personal brand grows and gains power and momentum," says Hamby.
According to research conducted at the London School of Economics there is a marked congruency between the timing of devolution initiatives and rising regional disparities.
I spend time early each morning before the day begins to reach a level of congruency between the strategic and the tactical.
Each of the sketches supported the possibility of arriving at a solution from a transformation perspective as well as from a straightforward application of congruency theorems.