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CDI will contribute managed service provider (MSP), vendor management systems (VMS) and operational support to Congruent Talent.
The vanishing conditions for supercooling near the Cu-Mn congruent minimum suggest these alloys would exhibit high castability, which would be unusual among copper alloys, especially of such high concentration.
Preparation of culturally congruent health care professionals begins in school.
We present below a few interesting relations among these congruent numbers by means of theorems in which n is denoted by the notation n(r,s).
When these discrepancies between the identity standard and the appraisal occur, the identity holder can attempt to make appraisal congruent with the identity standard.
This article helps school counselors understand the logic that guides certain behaviors of urban African American adolescents in order that they may develop culturally congruent intervention strategies that improve discipline out comes.
As coaches, we must examine the practices and procedures we employ for each of these distinct entities and determine if the outcome is congruent with the time and effort spent.
In art, transformations may be created in many ways, but in mathematics, transformations are functions of geometry that involve congruent shapes--shapes that are exactly the same in size and shape.
117-118] All of these features are congruent with the mythic ideal, with its focus on one true love, life-altering decisions, and permanent alliances.
This is congruent with our own philosophy of capitalizing on local market knowledge and experience, while choosing assets that institutional investors avoid.
Tyrol was more sophisticated fiscally and structurally, had greater participation of social classes, and was culturally more congruent with German feudal states of the rest of the empire.
Sue is becoming increasingly anxious about her ability to maintain the balance she once found in her life, which was derived from her ability to make a living engaged in work that she finds meaningful and congruent with herself-perception.