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ERP data for N450 and SP underwent repeated measures analyses of variance (ANOVAs), with factors of positive versus negative and congruent versus incongruent body expression, frontal versus central versus central-parietal N450 area; central-parietal versus parietal versus parietal-occipital SP area, and left versus middle versus right hemisphere.
A young female receiving an award for being at the top of her class, who knows she cheats, is not congruent.
Second, participants in the congruent condition experienced pleasant sounds in both phases (water and bells or click and birds, respectively, counterbalanced) and participants in the incongruent condition experienced pleasant sounds in phase 1 (water and bells) and aversive sounds (boom and alarm) in phase 2, or vice versa.
in both cases greater levels of crossmodal Stroop interference were observed with incongruent and control stimuli, while the level of congruent stimuli worked as a facilitator in identifying gustative stimuli.
Let [P.sub.2](n) denote the number of partitions of n with parts congruent to all parts (mod 16) and all having two colors except for parts congruent to [+ or -]3, [+ or -]4, [+ or -]7 (mod 16) and odd parts being distinct.
Two-way ANOVA revealed a main effect of Group (F[2.sub.,57] = 9.82, p <0.001, [[eta].sup.2.sub.p] = 0.26), with a shorter reaction time for each of the AE and CE groups than that for the control group (p < 0.002 for both), and a main effect of Stroop congruency ([F.sub.1,57] = 258.42, p <0.001, np = [[eta].sup.2.sub.p] = 0.82), with a longer reaction time under the incongruent condition than that under the congruent condition (p <0.001)(Figure 1(a)).
A participant's plan for MPI would be labeled as 'clearly congruent' if the description at time one and time two (2-4 weeks later) essentially described the same worker, with similar or compatible vocational goals and interests, and with no themes at odds with each other.
Whereas the retrospective approach for the measurement of SE focuses on behavior, the current approach taps this individual difference and focuses on the tendency to seek congruent political information in the news media.
For the pensions of its employees a congruent reinsured relief fund is provided.
Congruent Talent, with the support of its corporate partners, will provide US companies with skilled technical and professional IT and engineering talent.
The Cu-Mn binary phase diagram (Figure 1) exhibits a congruent liquid-solid equilibrium, or congruent point, at 1146K (873C) and 34.6 wt% Mn.
One hundred and twenty stimuli were created, belonging to four different groups of sentences: 30 congruent combinations of a verb with a concrete object (e.g., "to prepare a coffee"); 30 congruent combinations of the same verbs with an abstract object (e.g., "to prepare a plan"); 30 incongruent combinations of the verb with an implausible concrete object (e.g., "to prepare the rain"); 30 incongruent combinations of the verb with an implausible abstract object (e.g., "to prepare a science").