congruent with

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Typically, reaction times (RTs) to name the ink colour are slower when word's name is incongruent (word RED in blue ink) relative to when it is congruent with the colour name (RED in red ink).
Corporate excellence exists when a great purpose is congruent with and supported by a great culture that is lived every day by great people.
The participant's task is to decide whether a target, which may or may not be geographically congruent with the prime, is an actual geographical entity (e.
They face a pool of potential representatives that may be either congruent with probability y or non-congruent with probability 1 - [gamma].
Each picture was emotionally congruent with the preceding video clip or picture, so if the priming video clip was of a hand grasping a spider, the subsequent picture might be a snake.
A district association: 1) serves a clearly defined geographic area; 2) has bylaws that govern its members and regulate its affairs which are congruent with those of TNA; 3) has stated purpose and functions congruent with those of TNA; 4) maintain membership that meets the qualifications in the TNA bylaws, unrestricted by considerations of nationality, race, color, creed, religion, handicap, lifestyle, sex, or age; and 5) is entitled to services from TNA as defined by the TNA Board of Directors.
Overall, despite these slight differences and similarities, the preferred learning environment was largely congruent with the actual learning environment, the largest difference being on the scale of Student Interaction and Collaboration where the actual learning environment mean exceeded student preferences by only 0.
Correct responses were faster when probes were congruent with primes in emotional valence than when they were incongruent.
The purpose of this study was to investigate why some Hawaiian language and culture-based (HLCB) educators perceived the Montessori approach to be congruent with their goals and values and to determine the salient features of the Montessori approach used by HLCB teachers who received Montessori training.
The handbook shows how creative artful approaches are, in many ways, congruent with contemporary social science and strengths-based approaches.
Principals' perceptions, however, may not always be congruent with the ASCA role standards.
We find that the deepest split in the allozyme derived phylogeny is congruent with analyses of mtDNA sequence data.