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So, it is expected that incentive systems based on performance measurements having a forward-looking nature encourage individuals to act more congruently with business' long-term goals, even when they have a short-term horizon.
Congruently with the presence of familiarity bias, we find that pension plans that invest in Spanish stocks receive significantly higher capital inflows than other pension plans that invest in European or International stocks.
They proposed that if an element was uniformly distributed throughout Fe-oxide crystals, Fe and the element will dissolve congruently, with a linear relationship and slope equal to 1 in plots of percentage metal v.
Alternatively, VDRO or double, triple, or shelf osteotomy of the acetabulum can be used to keep the head more congruently reduced.
Congruently, Grant (2008) also proposed that pro-social motivation will enhance if it is accompanied by intrinsic motivation and that will consequently positively impact productivity, hence confirming the influence of intrinsic motivation on employee productivity.
27) Just as leaders achieve authenticity through clearly defined personal motivations, core beliefs, and fundamental values, organizations/units require these baselines to act congruently within them.
The essential vulnerability and fragility of this interpersonal dynamic was present in all interviews and, as a consequence, I chose to represent myself as openly and congruently as possible within the constraints of ethical and academic guidelines.
Congruently Battevi and Vitelli12 reported a significant increase in work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
If the preferences of the president and Senate are divergent, why would the Senate confirm nominees who exhibits less variance in their votes (based on certain experiences in the executive branch [Szmer and Songer 2005]), while behaving more congruently with president's preferences on average?
Congruently, we propose that any effect that can either increase or decrease this complexity and inimitability will likely alter the financial benefit of the firm's CR, and will thus act to moderate this direct relationship.
When statistically controlled for verbal competencies, the self-concept differences between females and males diminished (Faber & Billmann-Mahecha, 2012; Schilling, Sparfeldt & Rost, 2006)--indicating the females' self-beliefs to be congruently or even realistically in line with their performance level.