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The differences in perceived congruity may be important, because they may engender different reactions to the two versions of the song.
Espousing a rational, logically consistent ethical system is a requirement of intrapersonal ethical analysis since ethicality judgments are based on the congruity between espoused-ethics and communicative behaviors.
When there is a moderately incongruent match-up between the image of the sport of the athlete and the image of the product, schema congruity theory would suggest that the consumer should be stimulated to process more information about the product and the athlete, searching for additional characteristics that will either match or not match.
Enz distinguished between latent value congruity and perceived value congruity.
Though John Fell's massive edition of St Cyprian of Carthage is touched on, he unaccountably ignores two of the great works of Restoration Anglicanism: Edward Stillingfleet's Origines Sacrae of 1662, dealing with the divine authority of Scripture, which is not so much as mentioned; and George Bull's Defensio Fidei Nicaenae of 1685, arguing the congruity of the teaching of the pre-Nicene Fathers on the Holy Trinity with those of the Council of Nicaea and later, which merits only one line.
The diversity of approach makes more remarkable the congruity of the responses that emerged.
First, the text has been written by one person and consequently has an integrity and congruity that makes for easy use by the reader.
It can tell you where there's congruity between what you say and what you do -- where you're walking the talk and where you aren't.
Furthermore, the revised form requires the reporting corporation to state whether the documents supporting its conclusion on the congruity of its treatment for tax and customs purposes are in existence and available in the United States at the time the Form 5472 is filed.
It may come as a surprise that the least recuperative environment is low-traffic urban rather that high-traffic urban until we consider that complexity and congruity of an environment may be as important as its content.
There is a remarkable congruity between the goals of the Indian Government, Governor Jerry Brown and businesses like the Mahindra Group.