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The Role of Value Congruity in Intraorganizational Power.
Much of the research examining self-congruity in consumer contexts has investigated congruity with brand personality (Phau & Lau, 2001).
Founded in 2003, Congruity Technologies is a software development and turnkey engineering services company.
It empowers Congruity developers to create business-logic intelligence behind thin clients, such as Web applications and Information Appliances, as well as rich clients, such as traditional Windows applications.
If offering petitionary prayers allows us to view certain matters from God's perspective, our prayers will inevitably influence our own personalities, especially in effecting a greater congruity between our own natural wills and what we understand God's will to be.
The firm's approach to a work assignment must respond to the individual's needs, and efforts have to be made to achieve harmony and congruity between personal expectations and the work experience available in a smaller organization.
To "cite" Jesus with one's own body refers to what appears to be a preexistent relationship of congruity between Jesus and women, a relationship that is actually created in that citation.
He stages it where he was born, in the city of Shkoder as if this appointment, which no one can avoid, has to be experienced in congruity with his origins.
Lastly, contractual arrangements may be shaped by goal congruity between partners.
congruity to move onto the next issue, that the alliance itself will be disrupted,'' Barshefsky said in a lecture hosted by the Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs.
We shall be satisfied if our pupils will do a little original thinking along the old, old lines--borders, surfaces, centers; repetition, alternation, symmetry; order, variety, contrast; congruity, growth, unity; or whatever other terms it has been the fashion to use.