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Assimilation demands little mental effort, because of the congruity of information, whereas accommodation demands more extensive processing as we revise our knowledge structures to adapt to incongruous input.
Third, understudied relationships between value congruence and consumer identification (Elbedweihy et al., 2016) and value congruity (VC) and customer-brand engagement (Islam et al., 2017) has emerged as a main issue in promoting hotel brand.
It has been shown that incorporating image congruity into a decision-making framework and identifying the specific role of this cognitive factor provides a deeper understanding of customers' intention/loyalty formation and postpurchase behaviors (Back & Lee, 2009; Graeff, 1997; Jamal & Goode, 2001; Kang et al., 2015; Sirgy et al., 1997; Sirgy & Samli, 1985).
After verifying the articular congruity under C-arm, less comminuted condyle fixed first followed by fixation of the other condyle.
To answer my research question, I used an interview protocol that asked participants to tell me about their involvement in education and their tribe(s); the current state of mathematics education and its fit with tribal values, goals, and visions; cultural congruity of education with students; how they might envision mathematics education for the future; and what they hope mathematics education will do for students.
Keywords-, role congruity theory, academic satisfaction, campus climate, familismo, collectivism
According to Russian Minister Lavrov, his talks with Dacic proved the broad congruity of stands regarding international issues, and they mainly discussed cooperation in international organizations - the U.N., OSCE and the Council of Europe.
Firstly, to control the congruity of the sample for explanatory factor analysis, the Kaiser-Meier-Olkin Test and Bartlett's Test were used.
"I use ornaments as a structure in my work--I like the structure of repetition, of harmony and congruity," she said.
Solti leads the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Glyndebourne Festival Chorus with a driving momentum, linking scenes and providing a gripping narrative congruity that makes the clear vocal characterizations of the performers all the more exciting.
New York, NY, May 23, 2017 --( Congruity Capital Partners has agreed to fund a project in Orlando, FL with AMT, Inc.