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Comparison of the HHS and MDBP scores in the operated patients with congruous and incongruous reduction, showed that the difference observed was significant, P = 0.02 for HHS and P = 0.03 for MDBP respectively (Table 4).
Faustus's last line is "I am completed" and Magus, in his final line, confirms a congruous completion for himself: "As, My Lord, am I" (Mamet, 2004: 102).
From the above simulation, the total string (0~1710 m) elongation is 4.281 cm, which is highly congruous with the field measuring result of wellhead uplift of 4~5 cm during heat injection process.
Their triplet-based loss considers two congruous (a,b) and a third incongruous face c in comparison.
(13-14) The more posterior the lesion is, the more congruous the HH will be.
Patients on thyroid medication may be titrated improperly owing to inaccurate but clinically congruous laboratory results.
This portrayal of Krsna as a specifically brahmanical yogi...was also modeled on Buddhist narratives and demonstrates the increasing prestige associated with yogic knowledge and attainments," leading Coleman to argue that the Krsna of this text is congruous with--and even based upon--Asvaghosa's Buddha (p.
Osiris wanted me to use a song that was little more congruous with their vibe of hip-hop and San Diego, but I wanted my part to stand out.
* Ensure that the data disclosed via BrokerCheck is, at a minimum, congruous with the most liberal state sunshine law;
The translations are even and idiomatic, navigating cleanly between an excessive colloquialism that would render Seneca's lofty thoughts puerile, and an artificial formalism not congruous with Seneca's own style, which alternates between pointed and sharp and breezy and mild.
This broad and open area, its nature, and activities nowadays have come to extend beyond national boundaries to encompass a seemingly congruous, world-wide space.
With militant outfits like the ISIS preaching a violent language in its quest for an Islamic Caliphate, it would appear that Islam and bloodshed are congruous terms.