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This finding is congruous with research of female samples which has often found that White women are more likely than women of color to report disordered eating behaviors (Wildes, Emery, & Simons, 2001), indicating that this finding may transcend gender or sexuality and may rather be related to cultural factors.
Christ and eggplant are apparently not congruous with Cambridge poets.
This reflects Elsheimer's sympathy with the work of the great church historian Cardinal Baronius, who had recently done so much to bring history, archaeology and painting into a congruous relationship.
An English narrative, however, may have a contradictory narrator because the characters can corrupt the preterit narration with their congruous discourse.
That, in turn, means that far too many Americans are unable to understand that American and Israeli national interests, where more often than not congruous, are not always the same.
Congruous discipline policies are critical to reducing student discipline problems because discipline policies characterized by heavy-handed punishment breed student resentment and disobedience (Edwards, 2000).
This tissue provides a more congruous joint surface, leading to symptomatic improvement in the majority of published reports.
Antoniou said that damage to the nerves caused "necrosis of the digestive system, a serious pulmonary oedema and other problems congruous with quadriplegia.
When it was put to hubby Becks that it was incongruous, he said he wasn't surprised, he'd heard Congruous was a great chippie.
exchange of points of view that would help reach a more congruous media
Moral Commitment is almost congruous with the Affective Commitment in Allen and Meyer's model.
What convinces me that one study is enough" is the amount of safety data available for its use in Alzheimer's disease and "robust finding[s] on all secondary end points" for Parkinson's dementia, which were congruous with findings on the primary end points, said panel member Dr.