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Convergent validity, or procedural invariance, is suggested if the statistical tests for any data set indicate the open-ended and dichotomous-choice estimates are statistically congruous.
In a congruous MTP joint with HV, an Akin procedure can be combined with an MT osteotomy for extra-articular realignment.
The British model of the established church is not entirely congruous with the international law on human rights (although the author contends otherwise) for the following reasons: (a) the interpretation of the church establishment generates discrimination against free churches, because it recognizes that the economic and social privileges accorded to the former do not extend to the latter; and (b) the collective dimension of religious freedom in the United Kingdom is insufficiently protected.
The questions that family physicians asked on the ECS were congruous with the types of questions that have been found to arise most frequently in practice.
Developed throughout the sketch, the conclusive assertion of this synthesis occurs when the narrator notes how "Sentiment, congruous in the first instance only with those divine transactions, the deep, effusive unction of the House of Bethany, was assumed as the due attitude for the reception of our every-day existence" (MS 195).
Content and formal interests, artmaking and activism, commerce and community - all these are valid and increasingly congruous combinations.
This perspective is clearly non-Aristotelian and would be congruous with G.
Despite the lack of focused questions in some of the studies and the highly descriptive nature of almost every essay, together the contributions form an extremely congruous book with persuasive lessons about the Japanese female labor market experience in the last century.
Milan Paxtic, a Serb-born American millionaire who briefly served as Prime Minister of the rump Yugoslavia before being ousted by the hard-line Serb nationalists, has offered an idea: The tiny nation-states could become building blocks for a new European structure congruous with a regional identity.
seem plausible unless they expressed something congruous with the people's heart?
Majority of these mucosal tumours arise from occult sites in congruous with lack of early and specific signs contributing to late diagnosis and unfavourable prognosis.