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Congruously the calculated negative refractive index from the refraction angle is in good agreement with the one obtained from the retrieval result.
It continues beyond the political liberation of the colonised, where postcolonial writers still challenge iniquitous outlooks and practices of "centres" other than the western metropolitan one, because, congruously with postcolonial discourse, the world never had only one "centre" although at some stage the European imperial one was the most egregious.
His subtle, modest and witty music exploits the intrinsic qualities of closely-related musical tones, congruously in Harmonium 2 or producing an oscillating interference effect in Critical Band.
32) James claims that, "The sense of the state of the dead is but part of the sense of the state of the living; and, congruously with that, life is cheated to almost the same degree of the finest homage (precisely this, our possible friendships and intimacies) that we fain would render it.
The Court is only responsive to the preferences of another institution when it must anticipate a controlling response, either fearing the exercise of a constraining power or anticipating a reward if it acts congruously with the will of the controlling institution.
The candidate's answers to these types of questions will begin to indicate whether this prospective staff person envisions the camp experience congruously with the objectives of your camp vision.