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Another ingredient of Dietrich's conglomeration, that is, Neoplatonism, ties his project of intellectual immediacy to the Neoplatonic gradation of being: however, in Dietrich's interpretation, each soul possesses, despite its being placed in the emanative hierarchy of being, an option for a coniunctio with God because it contains in its secret depth a piece of agent intellect that is truly God and that constitutes in fact the human soul at the bottom.
Quoad secundum iuvat cognitio experimentalis, ut citius assentiatur principio affirmativo, si per sensum cognoscatur coniunctio extremorum in singularibus; negativo, si disiunctio.
This sense of distress marks the beginning of the first phase of the coniunctio process.
circondano" ogni esistenza individuale (31); il carattere fatale delle coincidenze che guidano il destino di Giorgio (69); il richiamo al segreto necessario per il compimento di ogni grande opera (136); l'idea della coniunctio, adombrata nella convinzione che, per "ogni sessualita virile", esista "una sessualita femminile che [gli ] risponda integralmente, totalmente" (48); l'episodio di catoptromanzia, in cui Giorgio intuisce, attraverso lo specchio, gli ultimi istanti di Olga (186-87).
Aceasta poate fi descoperita doar prin efort intelectual, prin coniunctio.
Jung interprets alchemical texts with the purpose of tracing this integration, the coniunctio of the alchemists, the amalgamation of opposites.
28), `a psychological coniunctio or yolking [sic] together of anima and animus in the conception of the Deity' (p.
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Such events and their mysterious connection can be described by Jung's concepts of animus and anima, of coniunctio as unification of the opposite, and of synchronicity.
In realizing this coniunctio where one does not collapse to the other but is held in a harmonious equilibrium, the Self, the mid-point of the personality, emerges and the individuation becomes complete--"a person becomes a psychological 'in-dividual,' that is, a separate, indivisible unity or 'whole'" (Jung, 1934/1968a, p.
Abraham's essay extends her work in the byways of alchemy, the arcane art where attempts to manipulate matter were part of a search for the transmutation of the self, a uniting, coniunctio, of heaven and earth.