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The SEC needs to urgently clarify whether highly conjectural research reports are proper, for the sake of Tenet's stockholders and, for that matter, stockholders of any company," said Unland.
Anthony Payne did in fact have to do a fair amount of conjectural composing, including most of the second half of the slow movement, and about two-thirds of the finale.
Shakespeare's will, as Lisa Freinkel reads it with wit and erudition, has nothing to do with the disposition of the poet's second-best bed, with conjectural biographical identifications of his sonnets' fair young man or dark lady, or with his own self-revelatory intentions.
At the same time, the editors, who estimate the restorations to constitute about forty percent of the text, are quite frank in cautioning the reader about the conjectural nature of some of those which they proposed.
The district judge dismissed the claims for lost future profits, finding that they were too speculative and conjectural.
Turkish foreign minister added that they considered these criticisms as conjectural attempts to devoid of good will and objectivity.
The contributions made in these essays and catalogue entries are so important that they encourage our consideration of a new kind of publication: a catalogue of a conjectural exhibition on a selected theme.
Any interpretation of the Yerushalmi text, whether in the form of a translation or a commentary, regrettably demands a fair amount of textual reconstruction, often conjectural, but this can only be done on the basis of evaluating all the variants.
This is at best conjectural, whereas it can be stated conclusively that the presence of ice contamination was a definite causal factor.
As with pretty well all humanists before Politian, it is not always easy to distinguish in his work between the fruit of collation and conjectural emendation.
The loving grandfather described by his family after his death is not the character of this play, but a conjectural one, "the character Titus might have been at the hands of a different dramatist" (192).
The dates of authorship of the Lusiadas are essentially conjectural.