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CONJECTURE. Conjectures are ideas or notions founded on probabilities without any demonstration of their truth. Mascardus has defined conjecture: "rationable vestigium latentis veritatis, unde nascitur opinio sapientis;" or a slight degree of credence arising from evidence too weak or too remote to produce belief. De Prob. vol. i. quoest. 14, n. 14. See Dict. de Trevoux, h.v.; Denisart, h.v.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Menger thus seems to agree with North that the origins of money are indeed a matter of conjectural history.
In the hours after the events in New York, it seems that these media outlets exploited the confusion over the attacker's motives to make a conjectural link to anger at Trump's Jerusalem move.
Le Testu's commentaries relating to Java la Grande and the partly real, partly conjectural, land mass that he called TERRE AUSTRALLE (Southern Land) are the subject of various opinions.
But where Des Jardins focuses on the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Murphy goes back even further, to the eighteenth century, when Scottish conjectural, or stadial, historians--who believed that all human societies progressed through the same stages of development, with each more advanced than the last, culminating in the commercial stage--made the treatment of women an important measure of a society's state of civilization.
more than a merely conjectural claim against the estate" actual notice of the initiation of the probate proceeding.
Vossius's radical views included a rejection of the authority of the Hebrew Masoretic text in preference for Chinese sources and his own rational conjectures, although such a conjectural method, as Anthony Grafton shows, was in use for centuries and by seemingly conservative figures such as Vossius senior himself.
Trying to cool tensions between Ankara and Cairo, Gul said in remarks cited by Anadolu news agency: "This situation between Turkey and Egypt is temporary and conjectural." "Turkey and Egypt are just like two halves of an apple on the two sides of the Mediterranean.
Israel obligingly provided what was reported to be interceptions of telephone conversations implicating the Syrian army in the attack, but it was widely believed that the information might have been fabricated by Tel Aviv, meaning that bad intelligence was being used to confirm other suspect information, a phenomenon known to analysts as "circular reporting." Other intelligence cited in passing by the White House on the trajectories and telemetry of rockets that may have been used in the attack was also somewhat conjectural and involved weapons that were not, in fact, in the Syrian arsenal, suggesting that they were actually fired by the rebels.
They continue with discussions of construction and first properties of motives, Grothendieck's standard conjectures, the finite dimensionality of motives, properties of finite dimensional motives, Chow-Kunneth decomposition and the Picard and Albamese motive, the conjectural Bloch-Beilinson filtration, relative Chow-Kunneth decomposition, and beyond pure motives.
There are no nebulous statements and conjectural finger-pointing.
The men hadnOt shown such claims were anything more than conjectural, he said.