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81] At the end of the Introduction, Skeat is more than conjecturally certain that this single Latin text is the locus for the translation: "I take it to be, for all practical purposes, the authentic copy [Skeat's emphasis].
Seeking to expand the queer Renaissance archive, Stanivukovic advocates shifting our attention to conjecturally queer non-somatic contacts and specifically to literary manifestations of intertextual queerness, as instanced, he claims, in some specific Shakespearean texts.
I conjecturally take its irretrievable subject to be God's everlasting presence and His resistance to the evil.
All these risky elaborations borrow formal phonological features in order to analyze, conjecturally and by reconstruction, a surmised evolutionary process in language history which gives Wordsworth's text some of its complicated sense of the past in the present and future, the stoppage of one dimension part-sublimated into acknowledgement and derived renewal in another.
The danger in writing conjecturally is that it involves knowledge in a broad range of areas and not necessarily the author's relative knowledge or specific area of expertise.
John, which recently surfaced in January 2008, was originally listed and partly printed by Stanley Jones in "Some New Hazlitt Letters," where it was conjecturally and incorrectly dated 1829, (8) based on incomplete information provided in a Sotheby's sale catalogue of 3 August 1922.
Known Bactrian Greek year numbers include the regnal year 4 of Antimachos i noted above, a year 24 found at ay Khanum, conjecturally attributed to (an era of?
In concert with this, individual investors may conjecturally sell a portion of the leveraged firm's stock, buy another portion of the non-leveraged one, and successively operate an individual issuance of debt such that they replicate the best combination (which is implied to be the one of the leveraged firm.
The different versions are printed in stemless noteheads on modern five-line staves, ligatures being indicated by slurs, some conjecturally reconstructed.
George Eliot found it characteristic of the Men and Women poems that they invited the reader to complete them conjecturally outside the limits of the text.
The population of Nigeria, according to the Census Figures of 2006 is conjecturally over 140 million people; even though the debate rejecting its estimation is continuous.
1902; Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1967), who ascribes it conjecturally to Lyly, although he also ascribes to Lyly almost all occasional entertainments written in England in Lyly's lifetime.