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Thus, it is conjectured that every n [member of] <Z [union] I> using the modified Collatz conjecture (3a -1) + (3b -1)I; a, b [member of] Z \ {0} or 3a - 1 if b = 0 or (3b + 1)I if a = 0, has a finite sequence which terminates at only one of the elements from the set B.
In the February 1969 issue, Rudolph Castown conjectured that there are no isolanos (n-letter words with which no words have exactly n - 1 crashes) for n less than five.
Our experiment implements a multi-period triopoly market where, in every period, each seller participant must (1) choose one price, (2) specify a finite set-valued conjecture about the average price of his two current competitors, and (3) form a profit aspiration for each conjectured price.
On page 45 it is conjectured the following inequality:
Some planetary scientists, including members of the Stardust team, had conjectured that many microscopic comet grains had formed near stars other than the sun and then entered the solar system during its youth.
k] - 1) are called primorial primes; we do not know if there are infinitely many such primes, though this is conjectured to be the case (see Caldwell & Gallot, 2002).
It's conjectured that it could be an extremely lightweight version of a continuously variable transmission (CVT).