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Some planetary scientists, including members of the Stardust team, had conjectured that many microscopic comet grains had formed near stars other than the sun and then entered the solar system during its youth.
They introduced this definition in conjunction with the study of a specialization of the Jacobi polynomials whose coefficient sequence they conjectured to be infinitely log-concave.
This may be humanity's universal aspiration coming true," Peyser conjectured.
In the preceding subsection, firms conjectured that their rivals would not react to structural decisions.
The next section surveys various aspects of Michel de Montaigne's work, including a conjectured lost work on the Polish reign of Henri d'Anjou, later Henri III, which Catherine Magnien supposes Montaigne to have undertaken and later abandoned based on a passing reference in a seventeenth-century collection of documents.
On page 45 it is conjectured the following inequality:
It's conjectured that it could be an extremely lightweight version of a continuously variable transmission (CVT).
The functions and names of three imaginary spectrometers which represent median, mode, and range will be conjectured by students.
The observed decrease in the dispersion of conjectured prices does not therefore lead to an increase in type 1-deviations.
The main result of this extended abstract is the following theorem, conjectured by Chapoton.
Mathematicians have conjectured since Euclid's time that there are infinite pairs of prime numbers separated from each other by 2.
In the February 1969 issue, Rudolph Castown conjectured that there are no isolanos (n-letter words with which no words have exactly n - 1 crashes) for n less than five.