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"We now have the facilities to perform ceasarian operations but the hospital has no capability to separate the conjoined twins," he said.
MRI report showed thoracopagus conjoined twins with single heart.
A team of 40 doctors performed the liver- separation surgery on the conjoined twins over six hours.
Forced traction was applied to effect delivery of fetus, but was futile, hence further deep and detailed examination of fetus following its repulsion was done, revealing some additional lateral growth, simulating rib cage of another conjoined twin fetus, on right side of rib cage of fetus already in birth canal and it was locking the fetus at pelvic inlet when traction was applied.
She added that the thesis findings of many important results, including the River Abbasid has a high diversity of biological algae and conjoined with the presence of high contamination of algae, which is an indication of a vital pollution of the river while the study revealed that the presence of certain types of aquatic plants contributed significantly to reduce the proportion of industrial water pollution in one of the study sites near the plant of soft drinks in Kufa .
Agreement between T and ao conjoined subjects results in assigning nominative Case while agreement between Voice and ao conjoined subjects results in assigning accusative Case as in the past tense Pashto constructions we consider to be defective in the Chomskian sense (2001).
Conjoined twin baby girls have been released from a hospital in China almost three weeks after they were separated in a marathon operation, state media reported Tuesday.
Methodology: Medical records of conjoined twins admitted to our hospital for treatment and considered for surgical separation from 1996 to present were retrospectively reviewed.
The conjoined twins were born recently in Al-Amal Specialist Hospital in Hodeida province.
A 33-year-old mother presented a conjoined twin pregnancy at 35 weeks of gestation.
India's top court on Wednesday ordered Eastern Bihar State to give monthly financial assistance to the family of conjoined twins, Saba and Fara, and to regularly monitor their health.
Al Rabeeah said that the twins' condition was stable and that examinations showed that they were conjoined in the lower abdomen.