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Co-occupations are ones in which an activity is carried out conjointly between two or more people for whom the activity holds meaning (Pierce, 2003).
In this respect, we advised that social-economic and biological factors in FFW of the cultural beef cattle should be assessed conjointly by MARS algorithm, which is used without requiring any distributional assumption regarding influential predictors.
Stakeholders' 360[degrees] feedback (received from: clients--enrolled employees, providers, trainers, managers, planners, funders, supporters and opponents) about the sessions content, delivery, format, usefulness, applicability and staff surveys) also act as yardsticks for EWP effectiveness, conjointly with self-assessments.
Both leaders conjointly laid the foundation stone of the High Dam in Aswan in 1960.
It has been reported that cigarette smoke conjointly contains FA; so, each active and passive smokers square measure plagued by FA via inhalation [3-5].
Turkey did not, as is commonly thought, guarantee the security of the Turkish Cypriot community, but its participation conjointly in the government of Cyprus.
Some of NAVSUP BSC's highly-advanced business forecasting tools, for example, are being developed conjointly with educational institutions.
The first 10 of these, she served as a regional cassava and sweetpotato agronomist for the Southern Africa Root Crop Research Network, a program run conjointly by the International Potato Center (CIP) and International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA).
They argue that the treaty making power is exercised conjointly by the two branches.
The pH at point of zero charge (pHpzc) was conjointly calculable to work out the surface neutrality of the system.
Usually when there are two donor renal arteries, we connect the two arteries conjointly or side-to-end at the back table.
The two-level shifts, set in motion by the disorderly cutting edge process of the sharing economy and regulated by urban radical change towards sustainability (Cheng, 2016; Ionescu, 2017; Nica, Potcovaru, and Mirica (Dumitrescu), 2017; Popescu Ljungholm, 2017), conjointly shape each other and re-implement sustainable values and routines in the rapidly inconstant urban environment and business leading edges.