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This finding implicates the error-correction terms as the only channel of influence since the lagged differences of saving are not conjointly significant.
These two possible dynamics do not exclude one another and may work conjointly in the psyche.
More specifically, successful prevention strategies will: (1) focus on younger children; (2) offer specific risk-focused rather than generalized interventions; (3) address a range of behavioral, psychological, and cognitive risk factors that are common to children from ATOD abusing families and predictive of ATOD abuse, and (4) consist of multiple comprehensive components that target two or more risk factors conjointly.
In "Ethical Consistency," (4) Williams can be read as saying that a mark of a genuine moral dilemma is the feeling of regret that follows the decision to act on one of two or more conjointly unsatisfiable obligations; in other words, acting on one of two or more apparently conflicting oughts does not eliminate the other ought(s) from the scene.
Conjointly, he also invented a new persona, disassociating himself from the songwriter Lonny Breaux, to become Frank Ocean--an alias cobbled out of various tributes to Frank Sinatra, Ocean's 11 (the original) and a pimp-like character he created to razz a friend at a party.
Conjointly were studied three numerical integration rules of the quadrature method by Newton-Cotes, which were discretized at different intervals during each observation daily (ARENALES; DAREZZO, 2008), thus enabling twelve different forms of degree-day of estimate by numerical integration.
Vatican II spoke of "the holding of councils in order to settle conjointly, in a decision rendered balanced and equitable by the advice of many all questions of major importance.
This can include working independently or joining an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) 12-Step fellowship and working conjointly with a sponsor on Step 4 (personal inventory), Step 9 (making amends) and Step 12 (principles over personalities).
Conjointly, it can be seen that by 2006 the incidence of the n-formative had risen in all age groups (see also Figure 2).
We performed a standard DFA using all characteristics, so they could be examined conjointly, and to facilitate comparisons with published studies on avian size dimorphism.
Conjointly with the spread of the capitalist market and its economic theories, we have had the spread of the consumer culture and consumer society worldwide.
The government and opposition should declare conjointly their commitment to reform agreements with the EU," he said.