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Proof: Without loss of generality, by Proposition 16, it can be considered [PHI] as a right closing 1-block code, because right closing property is an invariant under conjugacies. By Lemma 3, there exists N [member of] N such that:
By Proposition 16, there exist shift spaces [??] and [??], conjugacies [[pi].sub.X] and [[pi].sub.Y], and 1-block codes [??] : [??] [right arrow] X and [PHI] : [??] [right arrow] [??] such that [??] [omicron] [[pi].sub.x] = [PSI] and [??][omicron] [[pi].sub.x] = [PHI], respectively.
Valls, Conjugacies for linear and nonlinear perturbations of nonuniform behavior, J.