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Pertaining or relating to marriage; suitable or applicable to married people.

Conjugal rights are those that are considered to be part and parcel of the state of matrimony, such as love, sex, companionship, and support.Loss of consortium is a loss of any or all conjugal rights.


adjective betrothed, bridal, cojugate, connubial, coupled, marital, married, matched, mated, matrimonial, nuptial, paired, partnered, united, wedded
Associated concepts: conjugal rights
See also: nuptial

CONJUGAL. Matrimonial; belonging, to marriage as, conjugal rights, or the rights which belong to the husband or wife as such.

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How a woman could claim alimony without performing conjugal rights .
Q: Is the husband, who was not a party to the suit but whose conjugal property was executed on account of the other spouse's debt, a 'stranger' to the suit?
O livro apresenta conjecturas entre a psicologia e a antropologia e discute o tema violencia conjugal a partir de reflexoes que se "sustentem para alem do individualismo de direitos".
Adequada para abordagens de objetos de estudos relacionados a acao humana e as relacoes sociais, a TDF e apropriada ao objeto de estudo aqui proposto: apoio social a mulher em situacao de violencia conjugal.
Prisoners who have spent at least half of their sentence and who are known for their good conduct and behaviour are given 24 hour conjugal visits to their homes.
Sabe-se que dentre alguns dos motivos para o planejamento da gestacao pelo casal, alem da realizacao profissional e independencia financeira, esta a vontade de atingir amadurecimento conjugal a fim de desenvolver ideias e projetos em comum (Neves, Dias & Paravidini, 2013; Barbosa & Rocha-Coutinho, 2012).
She links transformations in conjugal and sexual relations, meanings of gender, and urbanism as three important processes of historical change in Africa during the late-19th and the 20th centuries.
It is unfair that these properties given to you by your family would become a conjugal property.
JobCentre clerk Martin, 53, said: "I was approached by a production company in early 2012 on behalf of the Jeremy Kyle Show when they got married in jail and again by a production company, presumably on behalf of the same show, when the issue of any my ed producompany, gal conjugal rights first came up.
They're conjugal arms, in other words marital arms, showing a combination of the Duke and the Duchess's own arms.
According to Kensington Palace's announcement, the Conjugal Coat of Arms has been approved by the Queen, News.