conjugal bliss

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The country has now entered into a new marriage with the leadership of President George Oppong Weah, and a new conjugal bliss has commenced.
Mahira is modest, married once but probably her beauty and brains overtook her conjugal bliss.
There are also many who subscribe to the belief that commitment issues, family pressure and immaturity often lead to the separation of these young couples who face the embarrassment of having their marriages annulled after a few months of conjugal bliss.
Yes, I am all for conjugal bliss, but I thought it was a two- way street.
THE STORY Bella Swan (Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Pattinson) finally tie the knot and head off to Rio de Janeiro for a romantic honeymoon and a little conjugal bliss.
She later sought a divorce, which was granted by the courts, on the grounds that she "could not have conjugal bliss with Chhalotre as he was impotent".
Symbols of love and conjugal bliss, such as Eros, Aphrodite or the cornucopia were painted along the edge of the target or on a cartouche.
The awkward fit between the languages of politics and love got swept away in a celebration of conjugal bliss.
Ironically, however, Ayala is abandoned by her discontented spouse--largely, but not entirely, because of her affair with the author--even as Macky rediscovers conjugal bliss with his wife.
In the conjugal bliss department, Deldine's Cyril "Lance Jr" Mountain recently married his high school sweetheart.
Yet he still proposed to her despite admitting what a hellish prospect practising conjugal bliss with her would be.
That night, she enjoys the best session of conjugal bliss since her wedding day.