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114) This overlap raises the question of the extent to which the notion of conjugality in immigration law may influence credibility assessments in refugee hearings where LGB claimants must describe their personal and intimate relationships.
37] While many municipalities, states, and countries have implemented varieties of civil unions, domestic partnerships, and PACS, the state of Colorado recently developed a novel way around the notion that these rights and responsibilities need be exclusive or based upon conjugality.
396) Proposals advocating for state recognition of a range of relationships beyond conjugality, however, may ultimately resonate with some Commonwealth African cultural traditions that de-emphasize the conjugal relationship as the center of family life.
English professor Sangita Gopal will discuss "Why Indians Do Not Kiss: Conjugality, Nationalism and Film Form in Hindi Cinema.
London, Apr 9 (ANI): Reiterating her pledge of never getting married, Hollywood actress Halle Berry has said that she is happy that the man in her life thinks like her about conjugality.
Though few had abandoned all aspects of the traditional family, most had created new familial categories, unrestrained by biology, conjugality or nuclearity.
It is reasonable to infer that Roxana's happy conjugality was to be threatened by her husband's infidelity, much like Pamela in Richardson's own sequel.
Eight papers from that conference examine such aspects as the construction of the myth of survival, Earth Mother myths and other ecofeminist fables, women as the new anti-corruption force, and marriage and creative conjugality.
In early 2002, the Law Commission of Canada published Beyond Conjugality, an extensive report on interdependent relationships between adults.
19) There are two main differences in contemporary Ganglong that mitigate the earlier low status of women and contribute to this emerging sense of conjugality.
A comprehensive analysis of how and why heterosexual conjugality enjoys a monopoly of legitimate forms of 'intimacy' and 'love', however, would require a great deal more depth and detail.
As Polikoff highlights, the discourse of marriage privileges conjugality and romantic attachment over nonconjugal care relationships.