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108) These factors were adopted to assess conjugality for same-sex couples in M.
By inviting the spatial conventions of the theatre into the realm of domestic conjugality, she shows up the arrangements of respectable domesticity as make-believe.
Although a moral double standard still exists by which women are supposed to valiantly defend their chastity and virtue before and after marriage, the increasing stress on conjugality has meant a rising status for women in home and family life.
It is promoted, among places, in the proposals for legal reform enunciated in the Law Commission of Canada's 1997 report entitled "Beyond Conjugality.
In research tools such as the "Bogardus Scale of Social Distance" (1925), the final question referred to conjugality as the highest possible inter-ethnic closeness between majority and minority individuals ("admission to the kin group by marriage").
Freke counters the redemptive conjugality just as obeah counters the interracial conjugal idyll.
The continued sequence between conjugality, motherhood/fatherhood and kinship .
The founders harbored fears that the white race would be corrupted by oversexed black males, creatures who were "more ardent" than whites and lacking the "tender delicate mixture of sentiment and sensation" central to civilized conjugality.
44) I am arguing that death is the consummation devoutly to be wished for, as the only alternative to heterosexual conjugality.
Even if marriage law does not technically require sex--and even if the law were changed so that lack of consummation did not render a marriage voidable without misrepresentation in any jurisdiction, as discussed above (294)--the legal significance of a social institution deeply linked with conjugality surely affects asexuals.
Memory and materiality are closely connected in the matrimonial photograph that is responsible for changing family configurations through conjugality, although its utility after marriage is highly diminished in comparison to its prior significance.