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Pertaining or relating to marriage; suitable or applicable to married people.

Conjugal rights are those that are considered to be part and parcel of the state of matrimony, such as love, sex, companionship, and support.Loss of consortium is a loss of any or all conjugal rights.

CONJUGAL. Matrimonial; belonging, to marriage as, conjugal rights, or the rights which belong to the husband or wife as such.

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I have chosen here to focus on understanding recognition in emic terms, and to examine its relevance to conjugality in a time of AIDS on that basis.
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(106) Since same-sex marriages remain scantly recognized around the world, (107) sexual minorities are often compelled to demonstrate this threshold of conjugality in order to access the same sponsorship benefits as legally wed couples.
More research is necessary in the domain of alternative forms of conjugality and their implications in terms of relational outcomes, in light of the sometimes contradictory results of existing studies.
In opposition to Immigration Equality's reliance upon the affective draw and institutional legitimacy of an established family reunification discourse, QEJ's "Vision Statement" (which has been circulated around the websites of various local grassroots immigration groups) first advocates for a expanded definition of kinship ties; current definitions, the statement avers, abandon "those who do not define themselves within conventional relationships like marriage or conjugality" (QEJ, 2012).
One is consent-based, that marriage is to "promote any romantic pair-bond," and the other is based on conjugality, that marriage is to promote "a comprehensive ...
Looking beyond conjugality in marriage and its alternatives
In addition to these forms, the Court recognizes the existence of other forms of conjugality, but refuses to grant or extend to these forms too, all the rights and freedoms granted to persons who are married.
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