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a monoclonal antibody to the human cd8 antigen conjugated to pacific blue / bv421 / alexa 405
Again after washing with PBS, the separate wells were treated with rabbit anti-HeLa cells and rabbit anti-B cells antibodies (1: 500 dilutions) separately and then peroxidase conjugated goat anti-rabbit-IgG antibodies (1: 5000 dilutions).
Two peaks with absorbances at 280 nm were also observed, one coinciding with those from the conjugated HRPc (Peak 3) and another between 390 and 430 mL (Peak 4).
Canadian scientists wanted to see how cattle lactation diets, processing and the storage of dairy products would affect the amount of conjugated linoleic acid in those products.
For infants with increased conjugated bilirubin concentrations, practitioners should review the bilirubin measurements in the newborn period to help make the diagnosis.
In preclinical studies, investigators found evidence to support bazedoxifene as the SERM of choice and demonstrated that, by combining it with conjugated estrogens, they could provide an optimal balance of estrogen-receptor agonist/antagonist activity, compared with other potential TSEC pairings.
Conjugated and total bilirubin results for 33 720 patient serum/ plasma samples from the Clinical Laboratory of the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA during a 6-month period, were reviewed retrospectively for falsely increased conjugated bilirubin concentrations by programming the laboratory information management system to identify falsely increased conjugated bilirubin results.
625 mg of conjugated estrogens or to placebo in the first, fourth, and fifth SMART (Selective Estrogens, Menopause, and Response to Therapy) trials.
Wang et al developed a solar cell with quantum dots, electron conductors, and conjugated bridge molecules.
The products are available conjugated to a variety of secondary antibodies in four distinct excitation and emission wavelengths from just above UV to near IR, making them useful in the multiplex detection of proteins.