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Alongside conjugation experiment, the donor strains were subjected to curing treatment [8] to determine plasmid curing efficacy at conditions and concentrations used in test "T".
Phase conjugation is now being used for spatial information processing (White, 1982).
Our experience in the manufacture of cytoxic drug payloads and conjugation to antibodies will be valuable to clients utilizing the ADC services provided by the PROVEO partnership.
The novel ADC therapeutics will be based on the combination of TRAC's antibody candidates and APC's proprietary protein conjugation technology that is designed to site-selectively attach drugs to antibody surfaces.
PEG conjugation is effective in prolonging the in vivo half-life of FVIIa, however, at the expense of a significant reduction in activity.
To apply this technique, we continue to rely on the conjugation between a reporter enzyme and a commercial secondary antibody, which will be used in the primary antibody immunocapture.
Previous research has shown that the physicochemical properties of whey protein can be modified by its conjugation with a polysaccharide.
The charge conjugation operator C from the quantum theory is an operator that changes particles into antiparticles, and visa versa [2, p.
com)-- Protein labeling and conjugation is of critical importance in the preparation of assays, purifications, protein arrays, localization studies, flow cytometry, clinical imaging and etc.
The collaboration will allow clients to utilize Almac's world- class manufacturing assets and protein conjugation capability to link Novozymes' Recombumin Flex technology successfully to their peptide and small molecule drugs.
Taurine exerts a variety of biological actions, including antioxidation, modulation of ion movement, osmoregulation, modulation of neurotransmitters, and conjugation of bile acids, which may maintain physiological homeostasis.
Ambrx will use its site-specific conjugation technology, along with proprietary linkers and payloads, to produce optimized ADCs.