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In the light of optimism and conjugational commitment that were variables depending to the present study, it was necessary to hold a session on this topic.
In this session one of the significant excitements, of which mismanagement directly influences the conjugational adjustment was discussed.
roots have syllabic tiers of cv, conjugational vowels are suffixed to the lateral /[?
Although at most one set of endings shows morphologically conditioned allomorphy, form variation within the conjugational system still determines a robust class system.
The importance of grade alternations is evident in standard descriptions of the conjugational system.
267-84), attempts to point out what he considers to be a typological correspondence between some East Chadic (plus Hausa) conjugational verb paradigms and Cushitic verbal morphology (he goes as far as postulating a Chado-Cushitic branch within his "Semitohamitic"
YPC 102), has been kept in the language in its different conjugational forms, used as the counterpart to ulini 'to live' in a pair-verb: ulom-vilem 'we'll live, we'll be', uli'l'am-vilil'am 'they lived, they were once', ulem-vilem 'he/she lived, he/she was once', ulon-vilon 'life-existence' (nomen actionis) etc.
kakteksa(n) 'eight' and *ukteksa(n) 'nine' are traditionally analyzed as *kakta-eksan and *ukteeksa where *kakta 'two' and *ukte 'one' are put together with *-eksa(n) and the last one is considered as negation verb stem *e- + "modal-reflexive conjugational suffix" *-k- + Px3 Sing suffix *-sa + "dual suffix" *-n with output meaning 'two/one does not exist'.
c) The entire conjugational system is characterized by the tendency not to mark the person in those verb forms where the marked mood (or mode of speech) is manifested.