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sed unum sacramentum, id est unum significans, scilicet matrimonium, et duo significata scilicet conjunctio animae ad Deum per caritatem, et conjunctio Christi et Ecclesiae per naturam>>: ibid.
1 Nuptiae sunt conjunctio maris et feminae, et consortium omnis vitae : divini, et humani juris comunicatio.
were attributed to the great conjunction at the beginning of Aries (so-called conjunctio maxima (Kepler 1621, VI:5) or 'Prime Conjunction' (Abu Muhamid, fol.
The conference is being put on by the Peaceful Caribbean Initiative, in conjunctio n with Caribbean News Now, and according to the organizers is an effort to highlight the increasing problem of crime and to focus on enabling the region to regain its place in the world as a peaceful and stable place.
According to the author, the natural law of conjugal love can become, therefore, the most pleasant state in this world, the greatest worldly glory: "sed super omnia gloria et delectatio insaciabilis et perfecta est conjunctio mulieris et viri et hic est transsentio amoris" (372).
In this part of the book, Fishbein continues to deal with other mystical techniques of conjunctio.
The collection includes some fifty poems divided into six sections roughly by subject with Latin or pseudolatin titles (this reviewer's rough translations in parentheses): Anima (Soul) Imaginatio (Of Imagination) Conjunctio (Of Coming Together) Canaria (Of Dogs) Circumiecti (Circular Travels) and Doctrinae (Doctrines).
That being so, a Jungian would probably say that the overt lack of an egoic identification and the rejection of any corporate identity suggest that this dream is really about the process of individuation--one in which the self becomes integrated through a conjunctio oppositorum , which in Laing's case, was represented idiosyncratically, through the interplay of two opposing (male) teams, rather than the more conventional archetypal symbolism of male/female intercourse.
The great event was a magna conjunctio in the spheres of the meta-galaxy of the mind: the two great lines of thought -- geometry and philosophy -- met each other once more.
El proyecto de 1975 define el matrimonio como totius vitae conjunctio inter virum et mulierem, pero tan solo menciona la finalidad procreativa del matrimonio.
Success in this lifelong endeavor is crowned by an inner marriage, a conjunctio.
Beginning with the black stage where everything is dark and confusing, then through the fire emerges light and finally the stage of conjunctios, the union of the opposites.