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CONJUNCTIVE, contracts, wills, instruments. A term in grammar used to designate particles which connect one word to another, or one proposition to another proposition.
     2. There are many cases in law, where the conjunctive and is used for the disjunctive or, and vice versa.
     3. An obligation is conjunctive when it contains several things united by a conjunction to indicate that they are all equally the object of the matter or contract for example, if I promise for a lawful consideration, to deliver to you my copy of the Life of Washington, my Encyclopaedia, and my copy of the History of the United States, I am then bound to deliver all of them and cannot be discharged by delivering one only. There are, according to Toullier, tom. vi. n. 686, as many separate obligations Is there are things to be delivered, and the obligor may discharge himself pro tanto by delivering either of them, or in case of refusal the tender will be valid. It is presumed, however, that only one action could be maintained for the whole. But if the articles in the agreement had not been enumerated; I could not, according to Toullier, deliver one in discharge of my contract, without the consent of the creditor; as if, instead of enumerating the, books above mentioned, I had bound myself to deliver all my books, the very books in question. Vide Disjunctive, Item, and the case, there cited; and also, Bac. Ab. Conditions, P; 1 Bos. & Pull. 242; 4 Bing. N. C. 463 S. C. 33 E. C. L. R. 413; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 687-8.

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The answers to these questions will determine whether conjunctive labeling is successful or obscures the current AVA identities.
Given the complexity of Halliday and Hasan's (1976) model, the decision was made to focus on one aspect of cohesion in this study, and that was conjunctive devices.
Less obviously, Kempadoo makes use of some of Wilson Harris's artful tactics with language; she hints at multifaceted identities through multiple and conjunctive descriptions.
001) in the aggression score was observed in TMT with respect to control whereas; the conjunctive treatment group (TMT+ GBE) showed significant decrease (Fig.
with the conjunctive 'and,' and not with the word 'or') (quoting 42 C.
The Conjunctive Interpretation of "or" and Why It Matters
His provocative revisionist reading of Cixous, whom Harris positions as a theorist of tactile, metonymic, and conjunctive difference, pairs well with his judicious take on Cavendish's equally permissive metempsychotic metaphysics: for me, this chapter was one of the high points of an appealing, smart, and useful book.
2003) 'Water accounting for conjunctive groundwater/surface water management: case of the singkarak--Ombilin river basin', Journal of Hydrology, Vol.
Such a prescribed schedule will likely result in a passage of time where the supervisor completes no observations/supervisions, and then completes all the requirements in one brief stint--this would thus be in accordance with what would be expected on a conjunctive FI FR schedule or with a scallop effect in FI responding when the organism waits until near the end of the interval before completing the response requirement (Ferster & Skinner, 1957).
i-) (also in all Sg2 forms and in all conjunctive forms) According to different sources: General use Use in imperative SELKUP as((s)a) etc.
As it is well known, history does not tolerate conjunctive mood and our past will always stay with us.
To achieve drinking water security at village level, conjunctive use of water, judicious use of rainwater, surface water and ground water should be promoted, Joshi added.