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8 For some, this 'war on welfare' marks the end of the post-war social contract--the withdrawal, in effect, of the 'promise' for the future that the post-war conjuncture delivered.
But he does also talk about using the notion of conjuncture in a broader, more methodological way: as a way of marking significant transitions between different political moments; that is to say, to apply it as a general system of analysis to any historical situation.
Yet, as it has been pointed out, architecture is intended to spark conjuncture.
That, in turn, may account for some of the more apocalyptic and hyperbolic views of the current conjuncture.
The current global economic collapse highlights, and will surely exacerbate, the plight of the so-called 'bottom billion,' a figure which, due to the present aggravating conjuncture, is on a constant rise.
We think Bahrain is at a pretty good conjuncture and the aim is to ensure prosperity continues," he said.
As Mr Collins indicates, this level of habitual comfort for the majority of Britons is likely to be threatened by the present economic conjuncture, a combination of rising retail prices and falling house prices.
an appreciation of the conjuncture of political, economic and cultural events has a significant bearing on the history of collecting, to which Andrew Mellon and his definitive biographer have made such an important contribution'.
sudden conjuncture soap, sweat, breath, hair other embraces diffused
The possibility of presuming two motions for the heavens is only a conjuncture which does not necessitate a decree or change in nature, for it is possible to imagine the impossible, such as the union of two bodies in one place or [the presence of] one body in two different places; it is [likewise] possible to imagine fire being of the coldest substances, but this does not change its natural heat.
It points out the direction of its development and the conjuncture of survival with the conclusion that the best option is development, provided the maintenance of our education sovereignty.