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The women's magic she enacted on Bascombe Wade at the other place literally gave birth to the community of Willow Springs: Bascombe Wade was conjured into freeing his slaves in his will and deeding them the entire island.
Here on the lake, and only for one night, he conjured the elements to make magic.
Fantasy, magic, horror, and the eternal battle of good versus evil are all conjured up in King's story and read with chilling realism by the wonderful Guidall.
She has conjured up the souls of the ancestors, raided their cupboards and set the table with their most memorable recipes," says Alexander Smalls, a chef and restaurateur of Cafe Beulah in Manhattan.
But the symbol reached further: the rhythmic applause, slow at first and gaining in speed, conjured images of waves of people emerging and on the move--precisely the theme of the congress: "Emerging Voices, Urgent Choices: The Power to Serve.
The president's pre-war rhetoric conjured images of U.
Thus Don Quixote specifically conjured Dona Rodriguez operating on the assumption that she was some sort of diabolical vision or soul from
They jumble earth and heaven, today and eternity, the revealed promises of God and the newly conjured plans of man, in seven times seven, times seven, ways.
But I'm A Cheerleader, director Jamie Babbit's colorful tale of a high schooler (Natasha Lyonne) whose parents send her off to a homosexual rehab camp run by hellish Cathy Moriarty and perked up by Clea DuVall, conjured laughs and a pick-up deal with Trick-sters Fine Line Features.