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CONJURATION. A swearing together. It signifies a plot, bargain, or compact made by a number of persons under oath, to do some public harm. In times of ignorance, this word was used to signify the personal conference which some persons were supposed to have had with the devil, or some evil spirit, to know any secret, or effect any purpose.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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you love me not, to urge me thus: Shall I let slip so great an injury, When every servile groom jests at my wrongs, And in their rustic gambols proudly say, "Benvolio's head was grac'd with horns today?" O, may these eyelids never close again, Till with my sword I have that conjurer slain!
By this, I know the conjurer is near: I saw him kneel, and kiss the Emperor's hand, And take his leave, laden with rich rewards.
My head is lighter, than it was, by the horns; But yet my heart's more ponderous than my head, And pants until I see that conjurer dead.
the conjurer is at hand, And all alone comes walking in his gown; Be ready, then, and strike the peasant down.
Come, sirs, prepare yourselves in readiness; Make haste to help these noble gentlemen: I heard them parley with the conjurer.
Marry, sir, I'll tell you the bravest tale how a conjurer served me.
At this favorable moment the counterfeit conjurers disappeared.
Conjurer Mark Raffles is to pack it in after a career stretching back to the Second World War.
The incident took place when a fake Amil (conjurer) visited their home and asked to take a toxic drink to get well soon within short span of time, a private news reported.
029 2064 6900 MUSIC Conjurer After releasing one of the albums of the year 2018 Conjurer take Fuel Rock Club for what promises to be a huge and heavy headline show!
He said: "I was a boy then, but there is no way I can ever forget, and no way I will be anything other than a resolute champion for the interests of coastal communities." But SNP spokeswoman Deidre Brock told MPs the promise of leaving the CFP was a "conjurer's trick".