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The Irish have shamrock' the Americans have the Star Spangled Banner, but what images does your mind conjure up when you hear the word 'England' - and why?
The cyclones depicted, the text continues, either "retreat into deep space" or "project off the surface," and Salle is indeed at pains here to conjure perspectival back-and-forth.
Though his storytelling and logic could often use refinement, and despite his unfortunate tendency to meander off topic, Wild does conjure up some eye-opening trivia on the coffee manufacturing process, and there is merit to his claim that Third World farmers are facing a raw deal in part because of free trades unintended consequences.
In Mettler's films, images conjure much more than they represent.
The Leeds-based band conjures up images of the Beatles and the Beach Boys getting down on the dancefloor with the likes of Motorhead - an image that takes a lot of conjuring up.
Usher rivals the master's romantic vocal style with a luscious "Superstar," while American Idol vet Fantasia conjures up his sunny onstage demeanor on "'Til My Baby Comes Home.
She is immediately resentful of living there and conjures up all kinds of apparitions, including ones that scare her brother right out of his mind.
But beneath the bizarre trappings and gestures, Oyster's eleven-member cast conjures human emotions: pity, intrigue, humor.
The term hole was an unfortunate choice, since it conjures up an image of a tunnel rather than the actual sphere.
And just as the commercially formulated plastics that Tse uses are typically associated with packing and shipping, her sculpture likewise conjures a sense of work in transit, as if it were continually redefining its ultimate destination or even figuring out whether its field of reference is two- or three-dimensional.
Once again, Haden conjures up a film-noir world of broken-hearted characters in beautiful gowns and double-breasted suits.