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CONJURATION. A swearing together. It signifies a plot, bargain, or compact made by a number of persons under oath, to do some public harm. In times of ignorance, this word was used to signify the personal conference which some persons were supposed to have had with the devil, or some evil spirit, to know any secret, or effect any purpose.

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The audience watched the conjuror as he made two cards selected by the audience and replaced in the pack leap forth at his command; another card was selected, named by the conjuror, set on fire, and then reproduced from the ashes; another audience member's card was locked in a box and then materialized in the middle of a freshly cut loaf of bread.
A A conjuror B A masseur C A potter D A make-up artist QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: Who is the current Master of the Queen's Music?
Conjuror by John and Carole Barrowman is published by Head of Zeus, priced PS12 John Barrowman and big sister Carole - whose new fantasy novel, Conjuror, is out now - share the same sense of humour John also runs a property company with husband Scott Gill
The Waterford man said his fellow conjuror "inspired" a generation of people and thanked him for influencing his career.
This darkly comic version of the play has been transported to modern times, where Faustus becomes a world-famous conjuror in a celebrity-obsessed society.
The biopic is expected to be big-budget flick and will involve a large amount of special effects but the highlight is to be the father-son relationship between the veteran conjuror Sorcar and Sorcar Jr.
As the descendant of a great conjuror who disappeared under mysterious circumstances Phyllis Wong is a special sleuth who can see what others miss.
Like early US film magnates, he began in the low-class technical fringes of popular performance, in this case as a sideshow conjuror.
The hero, Mathias, finds himself in possession of a scrap of paper left to him by a dying conjuror.
Tattered The conjuror, Tatischeff, ends up on Iona, where he meets Alice who, like him, feels alone.
While still a student he started working as a conjuror and a hypnotist.