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CONJURATION. A swearing together. It signifies a plot, bargain, or compact made by a number of persons under oath, to do some public harm. In times of ignorance, this word was used to signify the personal conference which some persons were supposed to have had with the devil, or some evil spirit, to know any secret, or effect any purpose.

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I am a man amid warriors, but a woman among the conjurors. Let my father speak: the ears of the Teton are open.
A slap-up seven-course lunch will be served during the journey with a musician strolling through the train and a conjuror up to his tricks to make it a truly magical occasion.
Q4 Curragh conjuror Brendan Duke has a potentially useful early-season type on his hands in the shape of Made In Pimlico.
Blaisdell, "The Lords of Oblivion" is a simply riveting literary fantasy/magical realism novel about a lethal conflict that starts in the Dark Ages and ends in modern San Francisco, all in the space of one conjuror's lifetime.
Guests at the event were treated to an evening of swing and soul music from Stirling Austin Band, close-up magic from conjuror Darren Mac, a casino, a silent auction and a three-course meal.
Patrick is an amateur conjuror whose 'magical' tricks contrast with the genuinely magical world Billy inhabits.
From fake archaeological discoveries to Orson Welles's prank Martian landing, Eaton argues that "there is something artistic about a fine hoax; like a good novel or a conjuror's trick, it creates an alternative reality." There can be many reasons for initiating a hoax: for William-Henry Ireland, forging a Shakespeare play and other Bard memorabilia in the 1790s was an attempt to please his father; for Charles Dawson, the likely "Piltdown Man" faker who fused a human cranium with an orangutan jaw in the early 1900s and passed the skull off as proof of a human ancestor, it was the search for scientific acclaim.
NOW YOU SEE ME 2 (12) HHH HH UNITED States FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) assigns the Horsemen - conjuror Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), mentalist Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson), street magician Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) and sassy illusionist Lula May (Lizzy Caplan) - a new case.
The audience watched the conjuror as he made two cards selected by the audience and replaced in the pack leap forth at his command; another card was selected, named by the conjuror, set on fire, and then reproduced from the ashes; another audience member's card was locked in a box and then materialized in the middle of a freshly cut loaf of bread.
A A conjuror B A masseur C A potter D A make-up artist QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: Who is the current Master of the Queen's Music?
| Conjuror by John and Carole Barrowman is published by Head of Zeus, priced PS12 John Barrowman and big sister Carole - whose new fantasy novel, Conjuror, is out now - share the same sense of humour John also runs a property company with husband Scott Gill