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Gynoecium 3-carpellate; ovary densely tomentose, the wall very thick; styles connate their whole length.
According to Connate, "Pakistan is one of the fastest growing markets in the emerging economies and we entered the market purely by the dynamics of an ever evolving media scene.
The operationalization of consumer trust is in line with the way how its connate nature was represented.
penduliflora the outer floral bracts are connate basally for about 2-3 mm unlike the new species described here and the petals are green with a flush of purple basally on the adaxial surface.
Irreducible water saturation and the connate gas saturation,
Greenham, like Arsic, concludes that Emerson departs significantly from Edwards, but this conclusion fails to account for ideas within "New English" thinking connate to Emersonian Transcendentalism.
The sepals are five, minute, basally connate, imbricate, light green, lightly pubescent outside and persistent without any further growth during post-fertilization stage in fruited flowers.
However, becoming a dietitian was not a connate ambition.
This conglomeration of cultural, academic, political, and institutional methodologies for accumulating, organizing, and "mastering" the Orient cannot escape the logical sequelae of its own enabling tactics (if not, as Slavoj ZiZek would argue, the connate inconsistency of all ideology [28-33, 47-49]).
In the Poetics Aristotle mentions imitation as connate to man, being the process by which men learn.
2 base, 8-nerved from base mm, 1-3 nerved from base Connate only at the base Connate most of length STAMENS Tube short, 0.