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Acrobat Connect is immediately available in English in North America for a subscription price of US$39 per month, or US$395 per year per personal meeting room.
Portable music players based on ZING technology are distinguished by their ability to connect, download, manage and exchange entertainment content directly from the player through Wi-Fi or other wireless protocols, without requiring a PC for functionality.
Additionally, Acrobat Connect Professional offers customizable meeting rooms that enable users to tailor meeting flows and organize branded content.
For applications requiring lower cost, Connect One offers the 64-pin CO2064, which does not include an EBI or high-speed parallel bus.
For online meetings with multiple presenters, online events, and live virtual classrooms, Acrobat Connect Professional provides power users and larger organizations with a full-featured web conferencing solution.
Visionary Award - This award recognizes the institution that contributed most to improving EMT Connect with ideas and development suggestions.
Connect One was chosen by Red Herring magazine as one of the Top 100 private European companies for 2005.
VeriFone CONNECT Hospitality service offerings are available in four packages to meet the needs of any restaurant proprietor:
Misys Optimum connects community-based physicians and caregivers to the acute care enterprise, enabling increased efficiencies, better decision-making and improved hospital-physician relations.
The company's broad-based product line is sold under the Digitrex brand and includes LCD TVs, rack and portable DVD players, personal media players, set-top boxes, and the world's first HD Network LCD TVs with Microsoft Windows Media Connect technology.
Virtual Connect facilitates an emulation environment wherein the driver code and application programs directly interact with the RTL design running inside Hammer.