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At the same time, this architecture exacts a price on end-users by forcing them to be online to use their applications and anchored in their offices, and plaguing them with frustratingly poor performance due to network latency and the inevitable outages that occur when connected to the Internet.
What's needed is architecture to support occasionally connected use.
Requirements for an Occasionally Connected Architecture
In reviewing Connected Workforce, Dr David Dean of Boston Consulting comments: "This publication makes an important contribution to understanding the true potential of mobile technologies in the workplace.
Connected Workforce is the sixth in a series of books produced by Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group which gives current analysis on private and public sectors by international visionaries.
We are extremely pleased to add the support of Sigma Designs to the DivX Connected Program.
Built upon the successful DivX Home Theater Certification program which has brought to market over 20 million DivX compatible devices from major manufacturers, the DivX Connected program extends rich digital media experiences throughout the home using inexpensive consumer devices, and adds access to premium content services, interactive gaming and rich media management applications.
DivXNetworks has been a pioneer in the development of user-created digital media content and are continuing their contribution into the connected home," said Ken Lowe, vice president of strategic marketing for Sigma Designs.
It's clear that without PC availability and data integrity, employees are unproductive and companies lose money," said John Clancy, COO of Connected Corporation.
5, Connected introduces features that enhance functionality and overall management, adding substantial value to previous versions.
With Connected ArchiveStore/EM, we could get a secure, tamper-proof solution for compliance needs, while also benefiting from storage efficiencies," said Paul Fairhurst, infrastructure manager for Wigan Council.
Connected ArchiveStore/EM is the only solution on the market that was developed with compliance in mind and, therefore, delivers the necessary foundation for cost-effective compliance with electronic communication regulations.