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The joint service represents a very attractive model for automakers in Middle East to expand their customer offering to meet increasing consumer demand for connected car services.
All these underscore the leading role of etisalat in the UAE connected car market with all top leaders of the car industry.
Summary: Demand for connected cars to rev up when eCall is implemented in UAE
we will provide an OTA platform for connected cars by integrating VMware IoT
Three years after its failed "Windows in the car" venture, Microsoft is once again venturing into connected cars, a segment currently occupied largely by rivals Apple and Google.
Furthermore, rising consumer demands in accordance with growing number of tech savvy people, increasing dependency on technology related products and enhancing connectivity options, would also act as growth factors for connected car market.
Personalized Driving Experience: From improved mapping data, in-vehicle Wi-Fi or Local Area Network hotspots, smartphone interfaces, weather alerts and traffic conditions, the connected car is truly focused on the individual driver and their journey.
Unlike the high profile breaches such as Home Depot and Sony that have been confined to legal ramification and a knock to consumer confidence, the potential breach of a connected car could lead to someone sustaining physical harm.
As a result, the standard will help to accelerate auto innovation with an approach that offers openness, tailoring and scale - enabling car manufacturers to more easily deliver cutting-edge connected car technology to their customers.
Jonathan Hewett, executive vice president at Octo, said: "Understanding what's happened when there is an accident and what the liability is--particularly if you have an autonomous Google or Apple vehicle, a GM connected car, a couple of pedestrians, and a few cyclists thrown in--is going to be vitally important.
are making the next evolution of connected car a reality.