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What strategies should automotive OEMs, mobile operators and connected car platform specialists adopt to remain competitive?
This means that security by design is key in deploying a secure connected car architecture.
The other phase of the connected car is adding features related to the user.
There are a plethora of benefits which the Connected Car offers, including: improved customer experience; adding to the functionality of the car; meeting legal requirements, such as the 'eCall' system to automatically contact the relevant emergency services in the event of a serious vehicle collision; or providing a better driving experience, which is not limited to just the interior of the car, as can be seen with Jaguar Land Rover's pioneering 'Pothole Alert' system.
LONDON -- In a new ABI Research connected car consumer survey, 1,500 respondents in the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and China were asked about their use (and non-use) of several services available to the "connected car.
The connected car market is expected to grow over % in Brazil and Mexico and over % in larger markets such as North America, Europe, and China until 2020.
With the rapid development of the Chinese automobile market, the car parc in China's automotive market reached 137 million units in 2013, and consumers have constantly raised their expectations on vehicle safety and comfort, laying a solid foundation for Connected Car development.
While interest in a connected car for those services was high, interest in accessing Facebook and Twitter while driving was low," stated Chris Schreiner, Director of the Automotive Consumer Insights Service.
Sponsored by long-time GENIVI technical contributor and automotive leader, Intel, the Alliance will showcase at CCE a Jaguar F-Type convertible fitted with a specially-made RVI connected car demo that includes remote data logging, secure software over-the-air (SOTA) updating, and smartphone app control of certain in-car features such as climate control.
Complete report on connected car market spread across 357 pages, talking about 231 companies and supported with 83 figures is now available at http://www.
Deutsche Telekom s Connected Car platform and operation experience in addition to European branded vendors operation practice is expected to increase the capacity for offering Connected Car and telematics services to the market and bring a new development opportunity.