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The plan also includes a connected series of paths along both sides of the Swan and Canning rivers, stretching from Fremantle in the west to Brigadoon and Gosnells in the east, making cycling and walking safer and a more viable transport option.
He and James O'Connor, below, have been identified as being part of an alleged crime network for a connected series of 23 robberies and thefts at Carphone premises in London, in which more than PS300,000 worth of mobiles were stolen.
This book is a loosely connected series of essays that seeks to advance the argument that Thomas Aquinas is the common doctor of the Catholic Church, and that neo-Thomism is the privileged way of doing theology in the service of "an overdue theological renewal after a dire period of pervasive theological fragmentation and disorientation" (5).
I am essential for the movement of a connected series of carriages.
For a great many others, it will simply be a fascinatingly connected series of working-class stories.
The book itself consists of a loosely connected series of thematic chapters; Calloway characterizes it as "an unfinished tapestry of stories" (p.
The contents of this book reveal a connected series of voices, all of which have either a personal stake in or a well-thought-out and meaningful take on the plight and fate of this nine-thousand-year-old figure.
From the opening image of a burning piece of paper falling down a bottomless well to the final image of history as a river, Gombrich bowls the reader along in a coherently connected series of important ideas and events.
Ahmet Kutsi Tecer's The Neighborhood, a charming, loosely connected series of vignettes depicting a day in the life of a lower-class neighborhood in Istanbul in 1939, is of historic importance not only for its accurate evocation of a bygone time and place but because it was the first play performed at Turkey's state theater when it opened in Ankara in 1947.
1 : a connected series of railway cars usually hauled by a locomotive
The prosecution will say that both DNA evidence and fibre evidence connecting the defendant to this series of attacks will show his involvement in them and that the totality of the evidence will persuade the court of his criminal involvement in the connected series of explosions,' Mr Kerr said.
Livingston's study outlines a connected series of attempts by analytic philosophers to come to grips with immediate experience.

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