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School connectedness is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2000) as a student's belief that other students and staff care about his or her academic achievement and personal well-being.
Scott takes a different tack in Connectedness and Contagion, arguing that Dodd-Frank actually went too far in trimming back those powers.
Students have feelings of connectedness to their schools when they have positive or successful interactions with peers and teachers (Catalano, Kosterman, Hawkins, Newcomb, & Abbott, 1996).
In addition to a comprehensive overview on the state of globalization, the 2016 report also provides detailed insights into the connectedness of individual countries and regions.
In 2011, Pym, Goodman, and Patsika examined the role of social connectedness in students' transition to higher education.
Although limited, current research suggests that school-based mentoring enhances students' connectedness to school (Karcher, 2005b; Karcher, Davis, & Powell, 2002; King, Vidourek, Davis, & McClellan, 2002; Portwood & Ayers, 2005; Portwood, Ayers, Kinnison, Waris, & Wise, 2005), teachers (Chan et al.
Research on social connectedness has proved that it has a buffering role and acts as a protective factor for psychological and physical problems.
More specifically, Resnick, Harris, and Blum (1993) found that high school students who reported high levels of school connectedness had significantly lower rates of emotional distress, suicidal ideation/behavior, and risky/delinquent behaviors than students with low levels of school connectedness.
These relationships provided evidence of internal structure and relationships to other variables for the AFS because the scores indicated that higher adherence to European American orientation or the independent culture of the United States was related to less adherence to familism or family connectedness (Steidel & Contreras, 2003).
Perhaps this is why it has always been a part of my Christian faith to look for some kind of connectedness with the wild critters I share my life with.
I truly believe that of all the factors that impact the success of businesses, connectedness is the one element missing in most of today's organizations," says Daniel F.