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How Interested Are You in Connecting Your TV to Your PC or A Media Server to Watch Video?
How Interested are you in Connecting your PC to Your Stereo System to Listen to Digital Audio Files?
How Interested are You in Connecting Your TV to a PVR or STB to Record TV Programs to Watch Later?
The Common Framework identifies a number of policies which should be commonly adopted to assure that personal health information is managed securely and remains protected," said Mark Frisse, MD, director of regional informatics programs through the Vanderbilt Center for Better Health and co-chair of Connecting for Health's Policy Subcommittee.
By participating in the Connecting for Health framework, we demonstrated the tremendous potential of this approach to health information sharing for improving care and sharing life-saving information in our community," said J.
The Connecting for Health Common Framework was tested in 2005 in Boston, Indianapolis, and Mendocino, Calif.
By building on the Indiana Network for Patient Care, our established health information exchange, the Connecting for Health prototype will greatly advance development of a national health information network.
Connecting for Health's plan to establish the prototype for a national health information-sharing environment has attracted broad-based support from numerous organizations, including dozens of private sector partners.
To address this problem, Connecting for Health has come up with a set of groundbreaking recommendations that set the stage for development of an electronically connected, patient-centric healthcare information system.
Connecting for Health's Preliminary Roadmap is being released at a critical time.
The most innovative aspect of Connecting for Health's Preliminary Roadmap is that its recommendations show how to develop a national health infrastructure through the creation of a "network of networks" which is based on open standards and which can be created without a central database of health records or a National Health ID--both long-time barriers that have prevented bringing the benefits of information technology to the field of healthcare," said Dan Garrett, vice president and managing director, Computer Sciences Corporation's Global Health Solutions Group, and executive vice chair of Connecting for Health.

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