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To show how connectional intelligence works, Dhawan and Joni include examples of entrepreneurs such as Ben Kaufman, founder of the invention website Quirky, and Luis von Ahn, who helped create CAPTCHA (those distorted characters that websites make you enter to prove you're a real person) and then applied the system to digitizing printed words and books for the masses.
4--managing human-like sources is effective for maintaining volunteers that a following connectional model is presented in order to define.
Such a curricular thread could include resources in maintaining vigilant knowledge on privacy protection in light of the exploits inherent in connectional technologies.
At its best, the Presbyterian Church in Canada is a connectional church in which congregations constitute the fundamental fabric of our life as a denomination.
In a global economy, where they are may be temporary, and the connectional outreach in the world is a good thing.
For five of the NCC's traditions (reflecting episcopal, connectional and congregational church polity) the goal, at least initially, was nothing less than organic unity by means of a national and solemn Covenant.

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