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Morphological, physiological, connectional and functional data will be used to develop a biophysically realistic network model of this V1 circuit to examine the contribution of different circuit components to single-neuron and network function.
The principal aim of this current study was to further elaborate the abnormalities in the connectional architecture of the inter-and intra-hemispheric networks of male SZ patients.
Connectional leadership is located not at the top of a hierarchical pyramid or organizational chart, but in the middle of a hub--of what might be a rather messy wheel in which lots of interconnections are continually being made among those who are part of the wheel.
I'm glad that I belong to a connectional church, a church that is committed to working on the connections .
Stating that those in London were exclusive in their actions and excessive in their theology, he depicted Baptists in outlying western districts as connectional, evangelistic, and more balanced.
Likewise, Emery and Clayton (2005) have discussed the evolution of intelligence and higher-level cognitive functions in birds in the context of the similarities in neural connectional patterns and associational pallial areas with mammals.
Through a scientific process of consensual validation [of our experiences in the medical interview] we can help each other learn to integrate the connectional dimension into modern medicine.
Europe is a marvellous mosaic, the raw material and the connectional web of which are Christianity, ancient Greek literature and Byzantine-Roman law.
Moreover, they provide the reader with a solid foundation for examining the difficult problems that the connectional nature of the denomination has created for the United Methodist Church in which the major emphasis is on the local congregation and the connectional nature of the church is seen as a liability rather than an asset.

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