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Because of its magnitude, The Connectives is also very hard to review--should I dedicate one word to each page?
This kind of rigid teaching contributes to an overuse and misuse of connectives that can be exemplified briefly by the following paragraph from a student's essay:
Houston-based Connective is a provider of exchange solutions for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry in the US, specialising in Internet interface solutions for carriers and their agents.
It matters a great deal if your connective tissue is not in good condition.
Readers involved in export/import activities 'which these days seems to encompass just about everybody) will benefit from the discussion of how connective technology can be used for tracking and tracing global freight moves.
Nervous system--The brain and spinal cord are surrounded by fluid contained by a membrane called the dura, which is composed of connective tissue.
Studies have shown that some women with silicone gel-filled breast implants produced antibodies to their own collagen (a connective tissue protein), but the incidence of these antibodies in the general population is currently unknown.
Yet we found, to our surprise, connective tissues were repaired too.
Connective tissue is the most widely distributed of all body tissues.
Without fibrillin, the body's billions of cells cannot surround themselves with microfibrils -- tiny filaments of connective tissue that provide structural support in the spaces between cells.

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