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Have computers with internet connectively made their way in the front door of the health center?
The VSAT technology allows our clients such as oil and gas companies to not only have the reliable data connectively that crucial for their operations, but we also provide full voice data to perform and receive calls from their remote areas to anyone in Oman and internationally.
And Graham writes with characteristic grace and humor: "I approach the issue of her autobiographical compulsion by investigating her habit of thinking connectively, of cooking diverse ingredients into hot-pots" (132).
0 OS, and built-in Bluetooth, as well as an eight-inch digital touch screen, multi-lingual compatibility, iPod connectively, FM/AM radio, and multi-compatibility with ATV/DTV/CCD rearview camera/roof-mount monitor/steering wheel control etc.
And as they grow and develop and look to world markets for new opportunities, HSBC are uniquely placed, with its international connectively and its on-the-ground expertise, to help small business unlock its global potential,' he added.
The Second Tyne Crossing, due to be completed in 2012, will improve the already excellent transport connectively of South Tyneside, making the borough even more of an attractive place to locate and do business.
WiMAX envisions itself as being complimentary to WiFi, where access points would provide connectivity inside buildings and hotels and WiMAX would provide connectively outside or in mobile situations.
ARINC, a renowned leader in IFE communication applications, provides connectively solutions to many airlines worldwide.
0 connectively, email client and audio and video player, but we can tell this bores you.
SMP reviews information security measures and connectively handles a range of security needs, from network and system analysis to security policy inspection.
A viable historical social science is one that attends, connectively, to the dynamically coinciding "dual logics" of the sociological and the historical--a slighting of either, or both, will invariably skew or subvert the proffered analysis.

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