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We are excited to partner with Cbeyond to bring dark fiber connectively to small and medium sized businesses across the U.
Because HDMI is the de facto standard in digital connectively, it was essential that the mobile connector ultimately connect to the HDTV via HDMI.
Docent Enterprise Connector provides dynamic, scalable, and reliable connectively between Docent Enterprise and SAP R/3.
The customer has VPN connectively to their data until their systems are restored.
Continuous Link Connectively, WAN Optimization and Multi-Homing Solution: Siebel CRM users can have always-available access and fast response times to their CRM applications by enabling business continuity through intelligent traffic routing across Internet links and by controlling bandwidth throughput.
Peraso is targeting a variety of markets with its WiGig product offerings, including high speed mobile connectively, small cell backhaul, transportation and medical equipment.
The Marketing Dashboard is a robust technology tool that allows marketers to focus on analysis of their business through connectively of disparate internal and external data silos into shared resources creating visual insights to business metrics.