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Accurate, reliable and auditable time feeds are established using atomic clocks and are synchronized to UTC to ensure the same time is available from all Connexus Chrono clocks globally.
The official launch of Connexus comes just after our successful transition to a totally paperless environment and our recently concluded legacy document scanning operation, in which we digitized more than 1.
Networking solutions company IPC has extended its Financial Markets Network service portfolio to its Connexus platform, the company said.
IPC is working with Post-Quantum to enable user authentication, non-repudiation and fraud deterrence technologies into IPC solutions delivered over Connexus Cloud.
Industry sources noted that discussions between Connexus and boards of the two CUs have been underway for months, and, in the case of Tower, for years.
Carey Nieuwhof out of the PCC to his newly born Connexus Community Church, which is linked to a non-denominational conservative congregation in the U.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 8, 2017-IPC launches Connexus Chrono
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-August 26, 2016-IPC, post-Quantum collaborate to offer security solutions as part of IPC's Connexus Cloud community
The IPC Financial Markets Network service portfolio includes the Connexus Financial Extranet, Direct Connect and MPLS WAN data services, as well as Trader and enhanced voice connectivity services.
After surviving Lord Sugar's interrogation two weeks ago when she was called into the boardroom, Natalie wasn't able to survive a second time and exited the contest as Team Connexus lost this week's task.