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Norman: I'm afraid Bibi's reputation as a liar, a conniver, an adulterer and a dissembler regarding that Wye agreement makes him morally unqualified to work for the Moonies.
calculating desert chieftain who knows how to deal"; his wife Sarai (Sarah) "grumbles against a 'god who has obstructed me from bearing'"; and his son, Yitzhak (Isaac) is "a colorless figure," considering his "childhood trauma"; but his wife, Rivka (Rebecca), is "opinionated and a conniver worthy of her father-in-law.
However, MICRO-PLANNER (and its successor CONNIVER of Sussman and McDermott [1972]) is a Lisp-based language, and, differently from our proposal, it lacks the full capability of imperative programming languages.
Marozia was a prime conniver who suffered mightily for her sins.
The humanist saint is Prometheus, not Christ; the activist, not the passivist; the skeptic, not the believer; the creator, not the conniver.
A schemer or a conniver would have repressed these responses for fear of alienating Henry.
Dershowitz is described as crafty, vindictive, manipulative, a true conniver, a murderer of reputations and filled with petulant self-righteousness (but tenured at Harvard nonetheless).
I mean, who'd suspect a political conniver with a name like .
He dubs Klan publicist Clarke, for instance, a "charlatan" and "avaricious conniver.
Eventually, of course, Holtz would find himself cruelly characterized as a puffed-up, fatuous, two-faced conniver and condoner of all manner of hypocritical practices in the explosive expose of Notre Dame football, Under the Tarnished Dome.
There are two spirits that move through the 176 pages of stories-the good and the bad, the beneficial and the evil, the dreamer and the conniver, the pure and the tainted, and this is the manner of the lesson.