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But that has been lost in translation, so forever he will be ribbed in the land of his birth, one part traitor one part conniver.
Ralph Reed is seen by some evangelicals as a conniver who used religion for political ends," said Lindy Scott, the director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College.
He takes care to show what they did right and, particularly in the case of Grant and Garfield, what they did wrong (Grant could never envision that the enemy could actually ruin his best laid plans, and Garfield was a conniver who wrote letters to government officials criticizing his superiors).
Murray Rothbard, an economist, said of Lincoln, "Lincoln was a master politician, which means that he was a consummate conniver, manipulator, and liar" (as cited by DiLorenzo, 2002, p.
George Bonnet, that double-talking conniver, who as French foreign minister worked for the abandonment of Czechoslovakia in 1938, miraculously turned his jacket inside out and became an advocate of an anti-German alliance with the Soviet Union in 1939.
Shay destroys those memories and paints a picture of a scheming, lying, self-serving conniver.
VERNON ta2 = conniver, convener, inventor, nonvoter, unproven, vigneron
Thus the spectator is encouraged to reify the misogynist myth that all women mean yes when they say no and are innately deceptive, impenetrable creatures descended from the original female conniver, Eve.
To be called a malingerer, a whiner, and a conniver had made her distrust a justice system that has grown cold during years of tort "reform.
Straight actor Johnny Galecki, who played a gay conniver in Opposite, plays gay again in Bounce, this time as Affleck's meddling assistant.
I see a manipulator, a conniver, a liar" (Broder 1999, A21).
To wrest his company from Komazawa's tenacious hands, a high-flying conniver named Okano manipulates a successful geisha into inveigling herself into a supervisory position-the average age of the workers was seventeen, and older employees served as parents and jailers manque- while incidentally gaining control of her previously saved finances.