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He accused Mian Nawaz Sharif and PPP as connivers regarding the Blasphemy Bill issue, while he also charged Sherry Rehman with violating her oath by tabling her notorious amendment bill; and also questioned about inclusion of withdrawal of amendment bill and cessation of drone attacks on FATA, in PML-Ns 10-point agenda.
That's right, the consumer show fronted by husband and wife team Lucy and Rhodri Owen who usually go after the swindlers and connivers in the world of consumer affairs.
He called for "establishing widescale popular trials to expose connivers and collaborators against the rights of the Palestinian people.
They have all the ingredients we've come to expect: lyrical landscapes and opulent country houses; star- crossed lovers tripped up by snobs, fools or connivers.
However, the major problem in my opinion is that Saudi citizens and the residents in the country are not doing enough to help and support the security apparatuses by reporting suspects, conspirators, connivers and radicals who continue to use invisible retreats, random rest-houses, suspicious apartments, and sometimes different podiums and websites to recruit young men and to send them into the world of excommunication, bombing, and the murdering of innocent souls.
Boyagoda brings together a duo of unlikely connivers.
Although there remains work to do, especially in the case of government bureaucracies, it is an exaggeration and an injustice to place all professionals and all organizations under McKnight's umbrella of self-interested, self-serving connivers who depend on their clients' misfortunes to elevate themselves.
He didn't invent steroids, he is one of probably hundreds of big-league abusers, and much of the blame should rest with the connivers in team and league front offices.
Increased numbers in receipt of SB and IB stand in stark contrast to the Labour-led administrations' social development aspirations, and are a target for political snipers, with criticisms of SB and IB recipients and general practitioners cloaked in discourses of shirkers, malingerers and connivers.
The mystery Sunset is determined to solve involves a murdered mother and her unborn child, a black farmer who is being cheated out of oil-rich land, and a slew of creepy connivers and no-goods.