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Among those who favor throwing away the key, this step will be viewed as a perversion of justice, the cynical maneuverings of greedy connivers and self-serving grandstanders, and we shouldn't be surprised if the moral fury that most people feel toward Walker Lindh is soon directed at his defense team as well.
LOBBYING, says a vanishing breed of resolute idealists, is predatory politics practiced by ruthless and deceitful connivers.
Even "K," I suspect, will see himself in this catalogue of courtiers and connivers.
At 16, Dedee makes these seasoned connivers look like Camp Fire girls.
The good news is that each year it has become increasingly difficult to round up a group of suspects - flagrant abusers of basic design principles and connivers who twist facts to mask poor results.
She discovered textbooks in which all the women represented are either gold-diggers and connivers or wives and mothers; cases of sexual harassment by law school professors and partners in law firms hushed up by the men running the institutions; female attorneys who flee firms within five years because of callous working conditions; black women lawyers mistaken for court reporters; and judges who say that they like to "watch women's tits" during oral arguments.
It is evident from Ying's anecdotes that the extension of mourning obligations to bureaucratic patrons was based less on the ideal extension of family feelings envisioned by Confucian masters than on a cold calculation of career interests - with the consequence that self-righteous mourners of "correct" intent felt they had no recourse but to disregard common courtesy at such funerals, lest they be mistaken for the ordinary connivers.
He is remembered for his picaresque novel La vida del buscon (1626; "The Life of a Scoundrel"), which describes the adventures of "Paul the Sharper" in a grotesque world of thieves, connivers, and impostors.
The mix is volatile, dangerous to its enemies, which is why the crooks, killers and connivers who rule Haiti are still trying to keep Aristide out of the country and will kill him if they can.
Then in theory aboard of directors is elected by the shareholders, but in practice majority shareholders, manipulators, connivers and powerful always call the shots.
Mary Jane, Susan, and Joanna Wilks, three sisters whom the King and the Duke set out to bilk; Huck thwarts the connivers.
Two of them are scheming connivers who flatter their father, while the one loving daughter, Cordelia, refuses to play that game and is exiled.