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20 February 2019 - California, US-based web data integration solution provider has acquired New Jersey, US-based web data extraction provider Connotate, to solidify its market leadership position in the emerging Web Data Integration category, the company said.
If I include companies positioning their technology as discovery, there's another layer of options, such as Agilex, Connotate, Palantir, Recorded Future, and Visual Analytics.
Connotate, the leading provider of solutions that help organizations automate data collection from the Web, today announced added capabilities for extracting data from unstructured flat-file documents by transforming them into higher-value structured content with style information and metadata.
Non si tratta quindi di agire a tutela di chi possiede il giusto titolo professionale o accademico, ma di far si che la comunita scientifica accetti il valore della Fisioterapia all'interno dei propri settori disciplinari, intesa come elemento trasversale che si puo inserire in molte altre scienze, connotate da uno specifico ambito, a disposizione di tutti coloro che riterranno di approfondirne contenuti e metodologie.
Because the phrase "muted group" seemed to connotate a static positionality, I chose to use "co-culture"--signifying a co-existence of multiple groups within a pre-determined social hierarchy (see Orbe, 1998, p.
The first trick, to give an example, offers the following series of the Ach, out of which the last one does not connotate elegiac lament, but spontaneous horror: Flattern auf und in die Hoh, Ach herrje, herrjemine!
While I am on the subject of gathering information, I recently was introduced to a new technology for collecting competitive intelligence by Tom Pisello, president and CEO of Connotate Technologies, Inc.
The term "traceability" itself seems to connotate statistical equality.
"The word," Biggs wrote, "was not intended to connotate [sic] censure or judgment of the earlier board's action," and when trustees indicated they so understood it, "the three-member committee on its own motion proposed alternate language." Thus the board of 1978 openly admitted its consuming need to protect the board of 1954 from the judgment of history.
Connotate ( Data Extraction Platform--Scalable, precise and reliable; combines a unique visual approach with advanced machine learning and a point-and-click web data extraction tool to transform the data supply chain.
l'una dall'altra, non risultano connotate esteticamente.
Le tappe linguistiche del contatto si intersecano alla stessa questione della lingua in Italia: lo spazio linguistico italiano, caratterizzato ab initio da diversita profonde tipologicamente connotate, dalla "selva di idiomi profondamente diversi gli uni dagli altri, non poteva non condizionare la storia linguistica esterna dell'italoromanzo negli USA".