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In other words, the writer is suggesting, obliquely, that there is slight tinge, or connotation, of intrusiveness surrounding attentive.
I typically like to use the term 'business resources,' because it has a broader connotation.
Connotation Check and Connotation Evaluation will help businesses researching trademarks and corporate and product names for international launches to identify possible negative connotations and associations with their name in foreign markets -- before these could affect sales or create potential image problems for the company and its products in international markets.
STUDENTS OFTEN have a difficult time understanding the concept of connotation or connotative value.
Barcodes are rich in connotation, full of political and social associations.
Co-ordinator Jeff Dunn said: "The idea is that obesity has a negative connotation behind it.
The reason for this unnecessary change was that residents were being harassed because of the negative connotation the word gay has in their community
Fleischacker uses the term 'distributive justice' as a synonym for social justice and stresses its economistic connotation.
With Fallon drawing a blank at Bath, Dettori is now only one behind the champion after his two successes on Connotation and Inchpast.
Instead the work relies on connotation and suggestion, mood and tone expertly established, often through precise nature references used to solidify some "here," some place or home in the world that defies definition.
The `lame duck' connotation is really a negative connotation attached to a coach where his future is uncertain, because of the organization's reluctance to extend or commit.
Schools are afraid of being sued if there is a smattering of religious connotation to a memorial service," Allard said.