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With nary a naughty smirk, the board then went on to explain that Knotty Brunette was more likely to project the connotation of a naughty brunette, in other words "a dark-haired woman displaying a playful type of sexiness.
Ambition can be seen as bordering on ruthlessness, and the writer is concerned to show that the ruthless connotation of ambitious is not relevant here.
The number 7 is considered bad luck in Kenya and good luck in Czechoslovakia, and it has magical connotations in Benin.
182) recognizes that "job placement" has a negative connotation that reflects a "paternalistic approach" and, accordingly, suggests that the term "job acquisition" could be used in its place.
I typically like to use the term 'business resources,' because it has a broader connotation.
Thomson & Thomson's Connotation services will help companies prevent costly mistakes by identifying negative connotations in international and domestic markets before a product is launched.
I found that an excellent way of developing the concept of word connotation is through a biofeedback experience with an instrument called the Galvanic-Skin Response Meter or an Electrodermograph (EDG)/Skin Conductance Instrument.
Fleischacker uses the term 'distributive justice' as a synonym for social justice and stresses its economistic connotation.
Instead the work relies on connotation and suggestion, mood and tone expertly established, often through precise nature references used to solidify some "here," some place or home in the world that defies definition.
Sheshar said that he is not sure he would have made the same decision as Bar'el: "On the one hand, the term has definitely taken on a negative connotation in some parts of the public, but on the other hand, it has the above positive qualities.
So what is the world's most perfect product name, which not only is easy to pronounce in many languages but also carries a positive connotation in most?