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In its "larger" form, the material raised questions about its sources and its combinations and reconfigurations, forming a whole with multiple connotative layers created along the path of transmission.
Zidarova (2008) makes a further distinction between diminutive forms (denotative and connotative diminutives) and diminutive words or lexicalized diminutives, encoding a novel concept, e.
The dominant connotative potential that names have provides them an outstanding semantic capacity: entire spaces may be established, and narratives told, just through names.
He then (113-116) describes in detail the system of connotative semiotics, an approach that advocates neither a purely literal nor a purely figurative view.
Using the simultaneous protocol, when all of the members of a potential equivalence class were meaningful but unrelated to each other, there is a very high likelihood of forming a class among them if they have compatible connotative valences (e.
Qabr (grave)as non taboo word in Yemeni translated to (Ghabr as quazi taboo word in Persian) and (Aramgah, Maghbareh, Khaneyeh abadi and khak as non taboo words and phrases euphemised by connotative meaning, metaphor and generalization in Persian).
Both characters encode connotative meanings, which have to do with reputable, respectable images that individuals can claim for themselves from communities in which they interact, or to which they belong" (Ho, 1975, p.
this third code is termed as the element in the text which gives the connotative meaning in the text.
Thus, this work is trying to shed some lights on the importance of understanding meaning of words in order to understand others' intentions, focusing, mainly, on denotative and connotative meaning.
The campaign's theme is based on the connotative meaning that by receiving financial education, consumers of financial services gain the knowledge and wisdom to make correct decisions regarding the use and management of their finances and financial assets.
The categorization of images through their connotative and denotative values can be attributed to Roland Barthes (Leeuwen & Jewitt, 2001, p.