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It can be said, then, that a word carries several extra meanings when it is used connotatively (Moffett, 1992, p.
Indeed, the manner in which the conversation seems inappropriate connotatively suggests what is later made denotative--in a framed close-up the movie industry representative huddles suggestively over the young girl's shoulder and talks in her ear.
Practically, too, a further consequence of the setting up of divisions between connotation and notation--a division at work in how a poet is supposed to handle language--is that it puts a fire-wall at the heart of poetic expression: what I might term the abundance, the sheer variousness, of utterance--its directness, its wandering way, its divagations and its energy, its talk and its transparency--are de-emphasized in favour of writing which concentrates on tropes and metaphors which work connotatively.
However, connotatively it is much richer in that the word captures the notion of being part of a greater whole a story.
On the "good" side there is seemingly one signifier: beauty, and as we have demonstrated thus far, beauty is connotatively linked to gender normativity that articulates through race and class codings.